What Every Ecommerce Website Can Learn from Harry Potter


Whether you are a Harry Potter fan or have only seen the character in movie trailers, he is one of the most successful brands of our times. Harry Potter is a fictional character that almost everyone has some familiarity with; he is the star of both bestselling novels and blockbuster films, not to mention billions of dollars in merchandise sales. Harry Potter is a commercial success, and these are the lessons that the rest of us can learn from him:

  1. Branding is your biggest concern. The Harry Potter brand has been largely successful for the success of both the books and the movies. He is the ultimate underdog, yet intelligent and well-meaning. Fans enjoy following the story of a character that they can identify with. The magic, the adventure, and the romance of the later books are all extras. 
  2. People like a little magic. One of the main benefits of the Harry Potter brand is the magic. Now, it is almost impossible to incorporate magic into your average, every day ecommerce website brand. However, consider the role of magic in our lives. The magic of Harry Potter is something that we don’t see in our everyday lives. It solves a problem—the lack of power in our lives. It addresses a need. This, in a nutshell, is why people cannot wait to get the next instalment in the series.
  3. Different is not wrong. Harry Potter is different from other books, but the business side of the brand is a little different as well. Author J.K. Rowling famously has kept the digital rights to her books and will be distributing them herself through her own website, keeping the profits as well. This is a different path than most bestselling novels take, yet it has the potential of working well and effectively eliminating the middle man from digital novels in the Harry Potter franchise. It is revolutionary and that is why it will work! We see the same out-of-the-box thinking work just as well in the world of ecommerce websites.
  4. Online markets can be as lucrative as offline ones. J.K. Rowling would not be writing new books to distribute on her website exclusively if it were not a financially advantageous decision. All indications seem to suggest that the upcoming Harry Potter books will be as popular as the previous ones even though they will never see a single piece of paper. Ecommerce and digital media are a part of the modern sales landscape. They are not a fad; if anything, they may replace their physical counterparts.
  5. The big dogs aren’t that big. By selling Harry Potter novels without a publisher and without a distributor such as Amazon and the iTunes store, J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter brand are showing us one important thing: the big names aren’t so big that a smaller brand can’t go up against them and win. Your ecommerce website has the same chance at success as anyone else, big or small.