What Can Logo Design Do For Your Community?


College and other types of school logos can be seen on custom t-shirts and athletic gear just about everywhere. Most of us enjoyed our years as students—at least everything outside of the grueling studies—and are proud to show our alma mater pride. In addition, gear that features college logos and school mascots can be a large revenue source for schools as well as a great marketing tool.

However, there are communities where college educations are not so common and thus college gear is rare. Separated from daily displays of university pride and college marketing, many students go through their education without a thought as to what school they will be attending after compulsory education is finished. Indeed, these students often skip college altogether and end up struggling through life without the training they need for job success.

One Northern California area has had enough of this trend and is taking steps to place college logos in their schools and in their communities. Expect More is a project intended to present college as an option for  Tehama County students by giving local eighth-graders donated college t-shirts and other college logo gear. It is hoped that this will inspire them to choose college preparatory coursework in high school and ultimately to pursue higher education. College logos, in this case, represent options for a better future.

Not everyone will go to Harvard, so the organization is collecting t-shirts from a variety of schools, including both two- and four-year colleges and trade schools. A variety of post-secondary education options are being presented, to show that college is for people with a diverse set of academic and life goals. The clothing is donated by members of the community. As with t-shirts, a college has to have just the right fit.

The Expect More organization, of course, has a logo design of their own, in clean green with leaves to symbolize organic growth. This is placed inside a diamond shape that is reminiscent of highway signs, implying movement and change. The diamond is also a symbol of strength.

Logos can be—and should be—much more than corporate symbols. A logo design can inspire change and plant very positive ideas in people’s minds. We have seen this effect with many of the logos that we have designed over the years, from school mascots to nonprofit logo designs to community logos. Logo t-shirts are often worn as souvenirs, symbolizing memories of places we have been. For example, many of us have not just a college t-shirt in our wardrobe, but one from Disneyland and other destinations. However, these college logo tees will represent not memories from the past, but hopes and dreams for a better future.

We at SpellBrand are big believers in the effects of logo design and hope that these garments will indeed inspire Northern California students to aim high in their studies. Hopefully, many of these children will someday be wearing a t-shirt not from someone else’s university, but from their own.