Website Logos: Announce Your Presence in the Cyber World

By Mash Bonigala

The advent of the internet has changed everything. The abstract concept of a global village is a hardcore reality today. The internet has curbed the distance, enhanced communication and it has made the people more immobile. Example? We get everything at our doorstep – from air tickets to toothbrushes, Jewelry Logos to online degrees – just with a click of the mouse!

Under these circumstances, business without an internet presence is very unusual. Whether you are a dentist or run a vegetable trading business – to attract the best of the customers, you have to flaunt an attractive website. Value of a great website is immense; it adds reliability to your business establishment.

Not only through your own website, but you can also have a broader internet presence through such marketing tools as site exchange, affiliate marketing and so on. But in that case how to distinguish your presence from your competitors? You need to have a unique visual identity that will instantly recognize you in the crowd of the World Wide Web.

And here comes the relevance of website logos. To make advance in any business you need to develop a sound marketing strategy – a website logo or e-logo will help you translate that strategy into a captivating visual identity to be used in the cyber world. To make it evolve into a brand for your business, you have to use it consistently in all your promotions.

Place them as E-logos or customized banners strategically on the web to reach out to a greater section of the customers and your business and profits are soon to inflate beyond your imagination.

The website logos are not different in their spirit from the traditional logos. Just visualize the popular website logos you come to find in your daily encounter with the internet – Google, Yahoo, eBay, BBC, ABC etc, and you will get an idea about the features of a successful website logos.

Only a professional designer can deliver you the best logo. He knows how to visually reflect these issues as what your company does, how it can benefit your customers, how it is better from your competitors and so on. At the same time, the logo must be memorable to catch the imagination of the targeted customers.

As a general rule, the simplest logos are the most powerful logos. Flashy logos have nothing to do with the attention-grabbing business – it is the imaginative use of font, color, shape, size etc that make an effective logo with greater longevity.