Website Design Work

A small collection of website designs that we created for our clients.

  • SpellBrand was able to take my business idea and create a brand identity which was much better than what I had expected. They are very articulate and the logo they created is highly illustrative. We are very proud to have this new logo representing our agency.

    Scott C. Robertson
    Scott C. Robertson Fraud Investigator OHIO INTEL
  • This is my first project with SpellBrand and these guys definitely did exceeded my expectations, thank you. Very professional work and results. It’s worths it. Truly recommended.

    Hugo Santos
    Hugo Santos Web Fusion, Sao Paulo, 01318-001
  • I was looking for a simple logo to represent my new company but what I got was beyond my expectations.

    Derrick Lamers
    Derrick Lamers Lamers Creative
  • Brilliant! Very professional, great communication and fantastic logos! I was expecting to have to go back and forth trying to find the right logo design for my company, however, with 5 designers on the case, they hit the nail on the head first time. I absolutely LOVE my logo and would highly recommend SpellBrand to anyone looking to get one. Looking forward to the website part now.

    Vanessa Gustin-Macfarlane
    Vanessa Gustin-Macfarlane ibiosys Solutions Ltd, Weybridge, Surrey, UK
  • Exceptionally perceptive of the client’s wants and needs. SpellBrand were able to, intuitively, understand what kind of design and look I was going for. Wonderful team!

    Brittany Powers
    Brittany Powers Pepper
  • We are pleased with how quickly your team completed our new company logo. We were surprised that with only 4 revisions we had arrived at the finished logo. Great job! We will be happy to do business with your company in the future.
    54 South Beechwood Road, Niantic, CT 06357
    Tel: (860) 739-2377

    Matthew Bruns
    Matthew Bruns Safecor LLC
  • Thanks Mash for your hard work, the whole process was easier than expected with the Studio floor experience and your turn-around time between rounds was super fast! I would definitely use SpellBrand again in the future!

    Matt Esser
    Matt Esser Super Toid LLC
  • Great work guys!
    Very nice artwork with excellent turnaround time, plus your email updates are by far the most efficient of the 6 different logo shops we used on this project.
    Thanks again!
    Tel: 443 676 1061

    Jonathan Irwin
    Jonathan Irwin SendAScoop, 8210 Whitebark Ln, Severn, MD 21144

Website Design Samples

The trends of the internet are always changing, that is why web designers are always in demand. If you are creating a new website design or logo design, it might be good to consider looking at professional website design samples for inspiration.

Slap typefaces have been used for over 200 hundred years, and can really set off a website design sample. An example would be an old west wanted poster. Think about that kind of impact, the way that hits the people who view it. Slap typefaces are usually all capital letters written in bold, demanding attention of the reader.

With the use of slap typefaces, go with some typography. Many web designers have a back ground in some graphic arts, and are familiar with graphic arts programs such as Adobe Photoshop. You can see some of these techniques implemented in the website design samples above. This is an amazing tool for creating your own fonts, bringing the attitude of a website to full life. If you are not familiar with any graphic design programs, there are tons of fonts people have created for general use. Check them out, try different font sizes and see what catches on or catches your eye.

In some website design samples, good old fashioned minimalism could be seen implemented. Don’t think of family websites, or people on a shoe string budget. Instead imagine huge bold print, with simple color schemes. Get rid of framing everything and just let the fonts and titles do the talking.

Something that is already big but will be growing is sharing on social networking. If there is a link to be able to share a website with friends on or, they essentially do marketing for you. It’s easier to have people do your marketing for you by word of mouth than any other way, if you can interest the in the first place. Using this process should be easy, and give great benefits.

Huge flashy banners can be so 2005 – don’t date yourself, update yourself! Try using a picture a huge picture where people can just scroll down to check out the website design portfolio. These are more interesting and calming than big banners with flashing lights. This can also generate a lot of interest, but be sure users know they can just scroll down, people still have a bit of a phobia when it comes to clicking.

Web users are getting more and more savvy these days. This allows for a more artful use of space within web design. You can try doing things which are a little more intuitive or artistic. This can garner a sense of endearment for a user instead of same old every day website. Web users have been bored by websites for about five years now, it is ok to update.

When all is said and done, you have to make decisions for your website based on what you know. What you know about your target audience, is what you can use from this, and how you can use it.