Website Decisions Business Owners Need to Make


Building a website is not just about the design and writing the content. For business owners who want to maximize the marketing power of a corporate website, it is important to carefully go through the “process” of website design. There are essentially some decisions that business owners need to make in order to ensure the effectiveness of a corporate website.

  • Identifying the specific purpose of the website. For sure, you are not putting up a website just for fun (or are you?). You need to determine the specific goals you have in mind in setting it up, so you can also have a concrete yardstick in assessing its effectiveness. Your corporate website could be a platform to establish your brand or a direct sales website. If you are not sure about your objectives, you may not be able to optimize the benefits that websites can give.
  • Are you going to design the website or outsource it to someone else? Once you have decided on the purpose of your website, it now time to determine if you are going to hire someone or do the process yourself. If you are not that well versed in web design, it is better to hire a professional web designer to work on your behalf. You are not putting an ordinary blog, and having a sense of professionalism is crucial in the website you are about to create. The fees you have to pay mainly depend on the experience of the designer and the level of complexity of the design you want.
  • Decide if you are going to integrate customer communication systems. For those who want to establish their brand through their website, it is essential to impose an interactive communication system. This means that while the website can be a platform to promote your products or services, this should also provide means that allow your clients to connect with your business. This helps in making your client base feel comfortable about making business deals with you. In integrating improved customer communications, you may opt to include your phone number and email address. You may also include helpful tools such as the Contact Us response form. If there are queries, make sure you attend to these so you can create a good impression.
  • Find ways on how you can generate content for the website. Aside from aesthetics, content also plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of your website. In case you are not yet aware, generating search engine traffic mainly depends on keywords and key phrases relevant to your business, which you can be  included on your website’s content. You may have to hire a decent copywriter to provide the needed content.
  • Come up with a site navigation system. Even if you hire a web developer to work on your website, you still have to ensure the presence of the elements you need. Many online visitors might complaint about not finding what they need from the website right away. This is especially applicable if the website has many sections. Providing a clear and simple site navigation system can help please your website’s online visitors.
  • Pitch in ideas on how to give your website a pleasing look and feel. If you are working on your website by yourself, you definitely need to decide on this matter. On the other hand, if you hired a professional designer, you might also need to sit down and decide on this aspect. As the owner of the website, you have the final say. Another option is to ask the hired designer present his/her ideas, and think of comments or improvements you can do to make them better.
  • Think of means on how to test effective sales pages if applicable. Since you are building a business website, you might have to identify the Most Wanted Response. This is related to the actual purpose of the website you plan to build. If you intend to use your website for sales or affiliate marketing, you need to know your Most Wanted Response, and work on how to optimize responses. An ideal sales page should have a high ratio of sales to online visitors. This is technically dubbed as the conversion rate. A good site should have around 5% conversion rate.

These are just some of the web design-related decisions you have to weigh for you to set up the ideal corporate website.