Virgin Galactic Typeface for Sale


The Virgin brand is one of the most recognized in the world, with a presence and a UK logo design with which we are all familiar. Now, brand fans can own a little bit of the Virgin brand, because the typeface formerly used for Virgin Galactic is for sale.

The typeface, which was designed by UK logo designer Dalton Maag, was developed to have in intergalactic geek charm. The characters are square and flat with rounded edges. The style is reminiscent of an old science fiction film, but the font has a more professional finish. It is notable because it uses numbers for certain letters, for instance the number one for the letter I.

Virgin’s space ventures are obviously coming to a close, because it is difficult to imagine Richard Branson selling off pieces of the brand otherwise. After all, the Virgin brand has significant equity and a large following. This brand tends to use logotypes as designs, without images, so this effectively was the Virgin Galactic brand.

The font does not include just the Latin characters used by Virgin Galactic; it also has Greek and Cyrillic lettering that are even more attractive than the Western counterpart. It obviously is a professionally made logo; the question is who will be the new proud owner.

It’s hard to think of a company buying and using this font, although that is likely what will happen to it. Who wants a hand-me-down logo design? Because the Virgin font will likely come at a high price, this will be one of the most expensive hand-me-downs in the history of the globe.

Also, the space logo craze has been passé for a few decades know. We’ll give Virgin a pass on using it; this logo was, after all, created for a space venture. However, few companies can claim the right to use this type of brand. Our thought is that a crazy Virgin fan somewhere will produce the money to buy the font simply for the collector’s value.

Virgin is a company that has found great success in using a logotype rather than a traditional image-based logo. There are actually many examples of this in UK logo design. While there are benefits and drawbacks to logotype designs, this ultimately is a decision that is as unique as the company the design will represent. We have blogged about this issue before, if you want to examine it in more depth.

One of our biggest issues with this sale is that companies simply cannot use a brand that is already associated with another company. A logo is meant to represent your company in a unique way. Not only will this font always be associated with Virgin (especially now that the sale has received a large amount of publicity), it certainly was not created especially for the business or person that ends up buying it. A logo must be designed by a professional specifically for the organization using it. Anything else is simply not good enough.