Video Game Creator Rebrands to More Modern Image

By Mash Bonigala

If you play video games, you are probably already familiar with the THQ logo design. Founded in 1989 as Toy Headquarters, this brand is responsible for a variety of video games including the popular WWE and UFC lines. In fact, THQ is probably the global leader in fighting video games, with ten offices throughout the planet. Now, however, there will be a new logo design on the cases sitting on every teen boy’s dresser, because the company has introduced a new brand and visual identity.

The old logo design was appropriate for its era (this was the infancy of video games, remember), but it has become a little dated. The solid black box was angled to give a feeling of movement, but it is a little too heavy for today’s Web 2.0 world. The letters also were modern and “cool” in their own era, but the font is outdated in the contemporary world. In addition, why are there pieces missing from the letters? The old logo simply needed a change.

The new logo design is at least better than the old one. In fact, this may be the most positive thing we can say about it. The red color remains the same, but the heavy black and white have been replaced by a smooth, professional gray. The blocky letters have the same ‘space age’ feeling that the old logo was aiming for, but in a way that will appeal to modern customers. The ‘Q’ seems a little off to us, as it is much rounder than the other letters, but the logo is on the whole a massive improvement. It keeps the quirky charm of the old one while building a more modern, less dated brand image.

According to THQ CEO Brian Farrell, the new logo represents change and creative growth as well as the fact that this video game company is dedicated to reinventing themselves as the market demands it. Indeed, it is a huge change. There are a few elements that we don’t like—we already mentioned the Q, and the H has a mysterious piece missing from it that seems to hearken back to the old logo. On the whole, however, this is a more modern logo design that will soon be appearing on a Best Buy shelf near you.

Changing your logo and your visual identity is an essential part of appearing modern and relevant, and these appearances are especially important in the world of technology business. In many cases, all it takes to refresh your image are a few tweaks here and there. However, sometimes a complete overhaul is in order. THQ is making changes to stay on top which is a good idea for any business with a dated logo design and brand. If your business needs a change as well, talk to a logo design consultant about how a fresher identity can give you the advantage that you need.