Velcro Seeks Logo that Will Stick

By Mash Bonigala

How important is a logo design to a brand that is already recognized all over the world? According to well-known fastener company Velcro, a logo design can make all the difference. With over fifty years of global domination under its hook and loop fastened belt, the Velcro Companies are rebranding with a new logo designed to take their company into the future.

Even if you cannot recall the old logo offhand, you probably recognize it. The text only logo alternates between upper and lower case letters for a balance between dominance and friendliness. The simple black and white colour scheme combined with the lack of a logo image help the logo be versatile and appeal to a wide variety of audiences. However, in an era where marketing and public relations can make or break a company, versatility is simply not enough. This rebranding scheme came just in time for the company.

The new brand and logo design will be consistently used across the brand’s communications, packaging, literature, and other branding materials. This is art of a move to make the brand more consistent. Although the current logo is used fairly consistently, it is used in various forms in different areas. The new logo design will be the only one used regardless of context and region.

The new logo takes aspects of the old one and incorporates them into a modern logo design with staying power. The old wording is present, but with a new three dimensional shine that gives a more contemporary feeling. The image used will be recognized by many as the ‘flying V’ see occasionally in Velcro materials. This now will become an official part of the logo design, fusing the two main logos together into one succinct whole.

How does this logo stack up? The circle gives a friendly feeling, but this is somewhat mitigated by the use of a bold, aggressive red colour. Because red is seen as a positive and lucky colour in many nations, this choice will likely be a good one for the new international brand. The writing will continue to provide a touch of seriousness balanced with friendliness.

The most interesting thing about this new logo design is that there is very little about it that is actually new. It maintains much of the old brand’s charm while being modern enough to carry the brand into the future. It has details that will help it be more recognizable, but maintains the character and personality of the old brand.

The new Velcro brand and logo design are already being introduced, and the conversion will be complete by January of 2012. As you can see by the many multinational corporations taking this step, there has never been a better time to look into how a new logo design and brand can help your company get the staying power it needs to resonate with customer both today and in the future.