Using Twitter to Improve Your Brand

By Mash Bonigala

Even if you have been living under a rock, you can still get in touch with the world and share your thoughts with the use of a mobile Internet connection and Twitter!

Yes, Twitter has swept the world with its vital function of letting people share instant updates in 140 characters or less. Twitter has become part of the new social media phenomenon. If you have an emerging business looking to strengthen your brand, Twitter should have your attention.

Created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Twitter has evolved to become the “SMS of the Internet.” It has 140 million active users as of 2012 contributing over 340 million tweets per day. Twitter lets you hook up instantly with your friends and even popular celebrities and personalities.

With the potential for extensive mileage in Twitter, there is immense promise in this social networking service for business branding.

Punctuating Your Brand with a Tweet

Twitter is liberal in accepting registration for accounts. It is not only for the personal use of people; a company or brand can also register for its own Twitter account. There are various ways to customize this Twitter account to highlight the strengths and message of a business brand.

Because of the instant and swift nature of communication and interaction in Twitter, this service is a potent marketing tool. Now there can be ways to keep your products or services relevant to many people.

In the past, people have no means to reply and react to TV and print advertisements. But with the advent of Twitter, users can interact with your brand directly.

Corporate Brands in Twitter

Twitter has already opened its doors to accommodate corporate accounts. Promoted Accounts give businesses a wider platform to let their products or services known to millions of Twitter users.

These Enhanced Profiles have primetime positioning in Twitter to help gain exposure. Your content will be featured. Your Twitter page will be visually customized with a theme coherent with your brand. A compelling header image can also add depth to your page to inspire a lasting impression to Twitter users.

These Enhanced Profiles can roll out Promoted Tweets which are tailor made to appeal to interested Twitter users. These messages are usually crafted using a sound strategy.

An interesting feature being tested today is the promise of Promoted Trends. Compared to a single tweet, Promoted Trends can help keep the interest in your brand longer than it usually should be. This will act as a constant reminder to Twitter users that the discussion about your brand is still alive and kicking.

Brand Strengthening with Twitter

Whether you have an Enhanced Profile or not, a company can harness Twitter in order to improve the effectiveness of its brand. Here are a few cost efficient ideas to get the exposure your business deserves:

  • Pin the most important tweet of your business at the top of the timeline of your profile to get more views. This comes at no extra cost if it is not a Promoted Tweet.
  • Make your tweets appeal to mobile Twitter users. They are almost online 24/7 and if they find your tweets useful, you will harness a very potent target market.
  • Your Twitter page should feature exclusive content once in a while. If you have interesting photos and videos, trivia tidbits and sneak peeks, you can post it in Twitter. This will definitely provide positive feedback for your brand.
  • Keep the content coming in Twitter and make sure it is of high quality. Twitter is a fast depository of information all over the world. This is why the Twitter account of your business should also keep up with the demands of fast paced and relevant information.
  • Engage with the community and don’t use Twitter merely as an online platform to post old and boring advertisements. Interact with various people so you can share with them what your brand is all about.

If a business can manage its Twitter account wisely, it can reach and communicate with millions of people worSpellBrandide. This is a special opportunity to let the whole world know all about your brand. Make sure you don’t waste this opportunity.