Using Quick View in Your Ecommerce Website — Beyond Category Pages!


Quick view tools are becoming very popular in ecommerce websites. They allow the customer to examine an item in relative detail without leaving their current page, merely by hovering over or clicking on the item. They are typically used in category pages because it allows customers to browse easily without leaving the page, but this tool actually has immense potential for ecommerce websites. Here are a few ways you should consider using quick view:

  • Cross selling. You probably have some sort of product recommendation tool on your product pages and even at your checkout. However, the problem with this is that customers must leave the page they are on in order to look at the recommended products, which can lead to more browsing and less buying. Quick view removes this problem by allowing viewers to see the recommended items without leaving their current page. It also gives them a better understanding of the recommended products, which makes them more likely to buy.
  • Shopping carts. Customers are less likely to remove items from their cart if they can actually see them. Quick view can be used to make sure customers maintain their investment in their chosen products even as they go into the checkout process. This increases your chances that they will follow through from selection to actual buying from your ecommerce website.
  • Landing pages. You probably already have featured products or sales items on your landing pages. Having a quick view function for these products can be a good idea for the same reason that it is effective on category pages. Quick view allows customers to begin shopping from the moment your page opens without clutter. It allows you to keep a large amount of information about your products at your customers’ fingertips without overwhelming them.
  • Product pages. Quick view is not limited to category pages; you can use it to include many photographs on your product pages without too much clutter. Consider giving multiple views of an item or showing it in use. You can combine quick view with zoom tools to allow customers to see your products up close without leaving the selling page. Simple product pages work best, but you want to offer as much information as possible. Quick view allows you to have the best of both worlds on your ecommerce website.
  • Services. You may think that quick view and similar features cannot be used effectively if you are selling services on your ecommerce website. However, this is not true. You can use quick view to allow customers to see a bulleted list of the benefits of different services and different packages. This can be an especially important feature for home pages.

While you may not need to use all of these functions, there is a good chance that a few of them will work for you. Technology has given us a lot of tools for ecommerce. This is one that you should be using to your advantage.