Using Google Alerts to Track Your Online Brand


Online Reputation Management is one of the fields of the future. Word travels fast on the internet, so it is important to identify any negative buzz about your ecommerce website and deal with it quickly. Many ecommerce website owners take this to an extreme, spending large blocks of time searching for themselves and their competition. Your time is too valuable for this, which is why you need to learn to use a Google Alert.

What Is Google Alert?

Google Alert is a special feature that allows you to track the online reputation of your ecommerce website. The ‘alerts’ are emailed to you at the interval that you choose and tell you what is being said about your ecommerce website (or whatever keywords you choose to be alerted for) on the Googlesphere. It only takes a few minutes to set up a Google Alert, and it obviously can save you a ton of time in endlessly searching for yourself.

How Do I Set It Up?

It is very easy to set up a Google Alert. Simply go to and follow the directions. There are also Advanced Operators for when you get better at working with this system. You can choose whether to have alerts emailed to you or to view them in your Google Reader RSS Feed. There are other options, such as whether you want to let Google filter results or send you ever single one. Overall, Google Alerts is an easy-to-use system that will make your life easier and more productive while allowing you to manage your online reputation.

The Advantages

Google Alert has several advantages over Googling yourself on a regular basis. First, as we mentioned several times in this article, you will save time by not having to actively track your ecommerce website and competition. This also lets you get a feeling for the buzz in your industry. Another benefit is that you can set up Google Alerts for a common misspelling of your name. Misspellings are common on the internet, so this can be almost as useful as your correct spelling. Last, a key advantage is that you can use the Advanced Search functions to personalize your experience to your precise needs. This is very helpful because it is an online reputation management tool in one easy and free form.

The obvious advantage is that a Google Alert will let you know whenever anyone in the world—literally!—is talking about you. You can then participate in and shape the conversation about your company. You can identify shortcomings and advantages while seeing your website experience through a customer’s eyes. That is an immeasurable advantage.

So many ecommerce website owners are basically out of touch with their industry and their customer base. A Google Alert keeps you on top of everything in your industry and also allows you to control your online reputation. After all, knowledge is power. Because Google Alerts are completely free, there is no reason not to get started today.