Use an Alluring Logo Design : Promote Your Views


The modern urban living cannot be separated from advertisements. Every day we are bombarded with advertisements in so many forms that our brains fail to recount most of them. There are very few advertisements that can compel the audience to connect a certain product with the ad viewed in the past.

The logos are probably the most conspicuous form of advertisements. Just have a look around your home and you will be amazed to find how many logos you have been living with so far! The refrigerators, the television, the P.C., the air conditioner, the vacuum cleaner, all household items are embossed with their company logos. These are the symbols to represent specific companies.

Add to them the design on the invitation card from your local Church, or the graphic that appears on envelop of the environmental organization of which your husband is a donating member. Then there are your kids’ school books – all of them proudly flaunting the school logo.

These are all logos and these are all tools of advertisement for their respective organizations. The national flags, the top 10 logos of the TV channels, you just can not count them up all that you get to see every day. In fact, a typical urban dweller is expected to encounter millions of logos in his lifetime. And all of these logos have something to tell you – they just want to quickly transmit their business mission.

So what are the common languages of communication employed by different types of logos? Symbols, straightforward texts, icons, images – there are several design approaches that different logos use to communicate desired messages.

Take the examples of symbols – these are not the usual carriers of corporate missions. Symbols become the main ingredient where the logos represent religious organizations, non-profit institutions etc. But perhaps their most common uses are to be found on the national flags. The United Nations flag carries a very meaningful symbolic logo and so are the national flags of all the countries in the world.

The clean and crisp text based logo designs are the symbol of corporate glamour and efficiency. The corporate logos also vary in their style – some use a straightforward serif font, some prefer it in a stylized font. Some choose simply a bold lettering, while some prefer the three-dimensional looks. Whatever may be the style, these logos in the hands of marketing gurus become the instrument for reflecting hi-tech, mission-oriented, super professional images of the big corporate Houses.

Then there are the logos that combine text and symbol into one. These combine the best of both worlds. The logos of such companies as Michelin or Merrill Lynch are the classic examples of symbol and text combined logos.

Whatever may be their approach, the logos become the ultimate spokesperson for the organizations they are associated with. Thus not only the ubiquitous corporate logos, but any organization can also promote their causes effectively through the suitably designed logo.