US Government Logo Mystery Solved!


The United States government is no stranger to controversy, even US Government logo controversy. The Department of Defense’s Missile Defense Agency was recently in the news over a logo design that was startlingly similar to the Iranian Space Government Agency logo as well as the Islamic crest. This type of buzz is nothing new; even our money is covered with enough Masonic symbols and cryptic Latin messages to have kept conspiracy theorists buzzing for several centuries now.

However, a very modern controversy surrounding the new US Cyber Command logo design trumped all of these, dominating web conversation in the US for several months.

Introduced on May 21, 2010, this new agency bears a US Government logo design that on first glance appears rather unextraordinary. Official blues and golds dominate the color scheme—nothing new there. The logo is round like almost every other government seal, with stars resembling those on our flag. A bald eagle perched on a crest filled with easy to interpret symbols takes center stage. There are some interesting details, but none deserve a second glance… unless you look closely at the inner gold ring.

Inside the ring is a set of thirty-two seemingly random characters, 9ec4c12949a4f31474f299058ce2b22a. When the US Government logo was released, discerning viewers immediately began to wonder what this stood for. Was it a code? Was it completely random? A top secret classified mystery that none of us plebeians would ever understand? Conspiracy theorists jumped on the case with a wide range of theories, each more unlikely than the next. When the government was uncharacteristically silent about the meaning of this ‘code’, techie magazine Wired took on the case and held a contest encouraging their code and technology oriented readers to solve the puzzle.

An intelligent reader soon discovered the truth about the code, that it is an encrypted version of the agency’s mission statement. When the mission statement is entered into the code generator MD5 Hash Generator, the resulting message is the 32 characters found in the inner ring of the US Government logo design. For more information about this code generator, you can visit this website (MD5 Hash Generator).

What does this cryptic US Government logo design say about the agency it represents? While many people consider this a clever way of showing the agency’s interconnection with the cyberworld, others wonder why they chose a code that was so easy to break. On the other hand, perhaps the code was meant to be broker; after all, where is the sense in being so clever that no one ever gets the joke? And should a government be playing jokes on their citizens in the first place? Solving this mystery seems to bring up more questions than it solves.

Whatever your opinion on the wisdom of adding code to a government seal, there is no doubt that this US Government logo design is attractive and that it has been successful in attracting attention to the agency that it represents. Sometimes a little controversy can bring much-needed press to an organization, whether it be for a government agency or a small business or the US Marshals Service Logo Design.