UK Town Brands Itself Green with New Bag


One of the major environmental problems with Christmas is the waste—not just in unwanted gifts, but in shopping bags, wrapping papers, and all of the material debris that comes with the winter event. A UK town aims to create a new and greener community brand while encouraging its residents to think a little greener about the holiday by introducing a solution to this problem—a solution bearing the town’s name and logo design.

Many people visit Framlingham, a historic market town in Suffolk, to relax and market in the quaint local shops. To cut back on waste and get their town brand to more places in the UK, the Framlingham Town Council has begun offering a ‘Fram Bag’ at their office for just £2.50. The hope is that shoppers will purchase and re-use these bags in their marketing, reducing waste from disposable shopping bags. Each tote says ‘Fram Bag’ in large letters in an earthy brown colour, effectively creating a recognizable logo design for the town’s environmental aspirations.

Not only will these bags reduce waste in bins all over town, they will hopefully be taken out of the area as well, promoting the town and its environmental aspirations all over the UK. So far, the bags have been popular due to their quirky, local charm. Although the bags are available only at the Town Council Office, which is open two days a week, they will soon be carried at a variety of local retailers, making the Fram bag a convenient choice as well as an eco-friendly one.

Carrying a reusable bag while marketing is a green choice in and of itself, but the Framlingham Town Council took pains to ensure that the bags are environmentally friendly in every conceivable way. They are made of jute, a vegetable fibre, and are completely recyclable when they have outlived their usefulness. They are made by UK company Natural Eco-Bags from materials grown on small private farms in West Bengal, India. The eco-bag company personally visits the farms and production facilities to ensure that they meet UK standards for fair wages, worker treatment, and safety within the workplaces.

The Fram bags are popular both as marketing bags and gift bags. As they become more common among shoppers in Framlingham, they will certainly have an effect on the town’s visibility to people all over the UK.

Branding UK towns is becoming more popular because towns all over the country are competing for a shrinking number of shoppers and holiday-goers. Many towns have adopted a logo design and hired branding consultants to make their area more attractive to the UK market. Logo design and branding are the key to enticing consumers, regardless of what you are selling or where.

Does your UK small business have a brand that customers can trust and a logo design that promotes this brand? If not, it is time to talk to a logo designer and step onto the path to success.