UK Pavilion Showcases Creativity at World Expo


The World Expo is in Shanghai this spring, but the focus may not be on China this year. The UK has designed a pavilion for the event that will be both attention getting, breathtakingly magnificent, and representative of our national creative spirit. Visitors to the exhibit will be able to unwrap the mixture of the UK and see the gifts we have to offer.

The UK has always been heavily involved in the World Expo; in fact, our nation was the first site of it in 1851. The first World Expo was held in London, in the famous Crystal Palace located in Hyde Park. It is only fitting that the UK Pavilion show the technological innovation and good design that our nation is known for in all of its succeeding World Expo exhibits. This May, the central figure will be that of a box intersected by tens of thousands of rods. The framework under the pavilion is designed to look like paper, giving the Pavilion the feeling and appearance of a recently unwrapped gift.

The Pavilion will showcase the modern achievements of the UK, particularly in creative fields such as design and advertising. This is a message that is likely to resonate in the emerging giant China. Having exhibits in international festivals such as this helps to foster relationships between countries, both in business and diplomacy. Never was this mission as relevant as it seems now, making a strong UK Pavilion a necessity. The hope is that it will also encourage people to investigate dealing with the UK in other ways, such as by becoming a student in one of our universities.

With a price tag of more than eleven million pounds, the Pavilion should be nothing short of a technological wonder. Luckily, in this case it doesn’t fail to deliver. At 6000 square meters, this exhibit will be one of the largest in this year’s World Expo. The rods are made of fiber optic filaments, which will catch the sunlight throughout the day and provide lighting throughout both the day and the night. This exhibit, and the 2010 Shanghai World Expo as well, will be viewed by an estimated seventy million people from May 1 to October 31.

A variety of events will be help on site, with a schedule to be released in the next month. While this exhibit was designed to show the creativity and technological savvy of our proud country, it is not intended for an international audience alone. Interested people throughout the UK can take a virtual tour at to experience the effect of this structure starting this February.

What does this say about the UK brand? If the UK Pavilion is as magnificent as the plans suggest, it will certainly help create a more creative image of the UK for the international audience. The UK has many gifts to offer the world, so it is time to showcase our talents for everyone to see. This attractively designed exhibit can only build our national brand.