UK Gets smart lightshine


Smart cars are popular in the UK and indeed all over the globe for their fuel efficiency. However, they have only limited availability in the UK. Last year, the popular automobile released a special edition called the lightshine, but the vehicle has until now not been available in our market.

Why so much fervour over a simple auto—and a very small one at that? With petrol prices rising almost by the day and the UK embracing the principle of austerity, a more fuel efficient vehicle is certainly a popular option. Indeed, the smart lightshine has the lowest emissions of any combustion car in the world at just 86 g/km of CO2. While all smart cars offer incredibly high fuel efficiency, the lightshine model offers a high sense of style as well.

Distinctive wheels as well as a matte green apron and body panels make this car stand out from the pack. In addition, the auto’s interior is well branded with a special edition dashboard and other details. The three-spoke steering wheel and paddle shifter both bear the lightshine logo, and special upholstery patterns ensure that every passenger knows they are in a very special, and not just efficient, vehicle.

At just £11,405, the smart lightshine is not out of a middle class price range, especially when you consider the fuel savings. However, you may just have to get in queue if you want to be the next driver of this well-known brand. According to rumours in the auto market, only 86 lightshine autos will be available on the British mainland, making this car a distinctive and noticeable choice indeed.

Smart may not seem so, errr, smart for releasing only a small number of a sure-to-be popular model, but this rarity and high demand are indeed part of the company’s brand. The logo design is recognizable, with a silver circle bearing a yellow-gold triangle to the right. This image implies movement and also friendliness, two key brand characteristics for the company.

However, even the friendliest vehicle needs to be in demand. As we have seen with other products, one way to ramp up demand is to create a logo design, brand, and product that people will love, but to avoid flooding the market with it. Smart Britain is owned by Mercedes-Benz, a company that knows what it takes to build exclusivity in a brand.

If the smart lightshine lives up to its promise, we can predict that more and more people in the UK will be clamouring to have a small, economical car with this auto logo design parked in front of their home. While the car is economical, its relative rarity may just give it a luxury feeling that appeals to many.

The car certainly is eye catching with its bright, cheery panels and bold logo design. If you have an opportunity to check out this rare auto, check it out and see if you think it’s worth the hype.