UK Destination Branding in Devon


There are plenty of beaches in the UK, but there are very few beachfront hotels. While we are not sure why this is, several new hotel brands are working quickly to rectify the matter. One of the latest beachfront UK hotel brands is the South Sands in Devon.

South Sands opened last year with a nautical UK brand that will appeal to people who love to stay right on the beach, in similar accommodations to those found in other island nations. The logo design features two S’s layered together, in the stenciled font seen on ocean faring vessels and life preservers. The name of the hotel is written below in thin, gray letters that are calming and simple.

This Devon logo design and the brand it represents are distinctly nautical. The blue and gray colors are used throughout the hotel décor, which is as modern and nautical as the logo. However, we have one criticism. This brand does not refer at all to the luxurious accommodations offered by the establishment.

The South Sands hotel is not a shack on the beach; it is a huge, modern, beautiful facility near Salcombe with cantilevered staircases, crisp white linens, and balconies overlooking the majestic Devon seaside. It is truly a destination in itself. Why doesn’t the logo do a little more to sell this aspect of the brand?

To make matters worse, the twenty-four room boutique hotel has not yet sought a star rating from any of the major organizations that grant them. This means that all a prospective visitor has to judge the brand is the logo, which seems to suggest that patrons will be sleeping on a boat.

On the other hand, there are several elements that make this UK logo design very appropriate for the brand. As we mentioned before, the colours are used throughout the premises. The hotel is very child and family friendly, which makes the lack of posh luxury in the design a little more appropriate. However, we would like to see a little more extravagance in this logo design, reflecting the experience that patrons will have at the hotel.

Boutique hotels are popping up all over the UK to take advantage of a trend toward local holidays. People are eager to save money and get to know their own country by taking a holiday at one of the many top rate UK destinations. Boutique hotels offer a luxury experience with local flavour, which is very attractive to Brits. However, branding is very important for these establishments because they do not have a well-known chain or a nationally recognized brand.

If you are planning to open a tourist destination of any kind, it is important to have your logo design and brand created by a UK designer. Only someone who knows the unique UK holiday market can develop a brand that will help your company find success. While we have a few small issues with the South Sands logo, it is clean and sophisticated, a combination that is relevant to the hotel and its visitors.