UK Businesses Still Struggling


With 2010 over, we can completely assess how this year has panned out for UK businesses—and the news isn’t entirely positive. This was yet another year of evolution for many businesses, as many closed and the rest had to struggle to hold ground. However, according to the Office of National Statistics UK, only 2.4% of registered businesses in our nation closed this year. Although this number represents more than two million lost businesses—and the lost dreams that come with them—UK business owners still have more than a 97% chance of survival, and an even higher ratio if they make the right decisions.

Branding and logo design are two areas that can make a huge difference in your own business’s chance of success in 2011. Here are a few “New Year’s Resolutions” that are bound to pay off.

1. Reassess your “look”.

Styles change every year, both in fashion and in logo design. Is your business visually up to the challenge of a demanding and competitive economic market? If you are using out-dated graphics or colours that simply don’t represent you well, now is the time to make the change that can give you an advantage. Rebranding keeps you fresh in the eyes of your customers and presents a modern, advanced look that will make you a more attractive choice.

2. Improve your internet presence.

A well-designed website is a must for any UK business that wants to avoid being an unfortunate statistic in 2011. Your website should be a reflection of your brand and also serve as a sales tool, even if you don’t use it to sell products. In addition, many businesses now are turning to social networking as a means of promoting their brand. Whatever the demographic you aim to serve, they are probably on Facebook, Twitter, or a similar website. You need to be there as well. Make sure your web presence is as professional and visually attractive as the rest of your business.

3. Put it in writing.

Don’t let your stationery be, well, stationary. In many cases, your stationery, brochures, and other written materials will be the first thing many of your customers see from your company. These should always give a favorable impression by being well-designed, professional, and an unmistakable part of your brand. If yours aren’t up to the challenge, it’s time to talk to a designer.

4. Outsource where possible.

You’ll need all the time and energy you can muster to run your business this year. Leave the dirty work to the professionals. In most cases, a consultant can complete a job faster and less expensive than you ever could, and the result will be better as well.

5. Stay positive.

Although the statistics may seem dismal, you need a positive outlook to lead your business through challenging times. Focus on solutions rather than problems and approach every weak spot as a place of growth. If you approach 2011 with a positive attitude and are willing to make the right changes to stay competitive, this just might be your best year yet!