UK Auto Website Gets New, User Friendly Logo


Are you looking for a new or new-to-you auto? If you are like most people in the UK, you turn to brick and mortar businesses or private parties to buy a vehicle that you can see and evaluate with your own eyes. However, online auto dealerships are gaining a sizeable share of the market because of the wider selection that they offer. The main challenge in gaining new customers is to reassure them that they can find the same quality vehicle with significantly less trouble by using a website for their search. Portraying this safe and user-friendly feeling is one task of auto logo designs for this industry.

Autospace24 is one of the most popular online automobile dealers in the UK, but their old logo design didn’t suit them. The grey and green colours were completely unrelated to the industry, which the arching shape in the logo was completely unrelated to the industry. This logo design had very little to make it relevant or memorable, making it prime time for a change.

The new Autospace24 logo design is bright and relevant to the industry, designed to look like UK registration plates. Not only is this design recognisable as a UK auto logo, it sets the tone for the brand, which claims to be a more customer-friendly and customisable alternative. Yellow is a bright and cheerful colour, albeit a somewhat juvenile one.

Our only complaint about this logo design is that it may be a little too bright and cheery. Because the logo design has been made the visual basis of the brand—which is exactly as it should be in most cases—the website is filled with an eye-popping yellow colour that may turn off many viewers or even give them a headache. In addition, the headings are placed in white against this bright yellow, making them difficult to read. Yellow and white simply don’t contrast well. In addition, the colour scheme does little to inspire confidence or reassure customers that buying an automobile on the internet is, in fact, easier and less complicated than buying one from a physical dealership.

While a site visitor who is already determined to use the company might overlook a painful colour combination and a relative lack of authority, people who are merely toying with the idea will be tempted to go elsewhere. This is surely not the intention of the website designers or the company.

The Media Manager of Autospace released a press release to introduce the logo design and explained that it is more memorable and aligned with the customer’s needs. In these aspects, the company is certainly correct. However, a more authoritative feeling, along with a more readable website, might contribute even further to the company’s success. While the logo design is memorable and attractive, the way the brand is applied to the website itself needs refinement. We hope to see this brand be defined further and see the website’s landing page get a more adult and readable tone in the future.