Two New Boutiques in Town

By Mash Bonigala

Henley’s Own Economic Recovery Includes Two New Boutiques in Town

Like many towns in the UK, Henley was once suffering. The town was full of empty shops and jobs were becoming more and more difficult to find. However, thanks to the town’s ‘Think Local’ campaign, bustling new shops are springing up all over town. The latest two are Susie Pringle Cashmere and Accessories, and Daisy Boutique.

It’s easy to guess what Susie Pringle Cashmere and Accessories sells, which is why the small business can afford to have such a simple, sophisticated clothing logo design. The name of the owner and founder is written in a very plain font with tall, serious letters. The black and white colour of the logo design is simple and sophisticated, which creates a complimentary image for the upscale market that the business is trying to reach.

Daisy Boutique, which only recently opened, sells women’s shoes, clothing, and accessories, which are bound to be popular items if they are well marketed. Because the owner has been running clothing boutiques since the tender young age of 19, this London boutique is clearly going to be well run. If Daisy Boutique needs to talk to a logo designer, we happen to know a great firm!

Small, locally owned boutiques such as our Henley examples offer a very special group of benefits. First, they keep business and jobs in the community. While this may be a part of their brand, there are other aspects that take precedence in the hearts and minds of customers. The first and foremost part of this is the knowledge and attention paid to customers by an on-site entrepreneur, who can talk to customers about the products and help them select the item that is perfect for them. This is a level of service that cannot be found in a larger store or a chain.

Another key part of many local brands is the presence of local products. When people patronize local business owners, they may also enjoy buying locally created goods. Not only do these tend to be of a higher, artisan quality, but they also support the local arts and crafts community. This gives customers a good feeling that will make them feel more positively toward the business in question.

A last part of the small business brand is responsiveness to customers. Often, a small business owner is not held back by the same policies that would restrain a normal clerk. This allows them, within reason, to give customers exactly what they are asking for. Everyone loves to feel that the rules were bent just for them, and this is an experience that can only be found in a small business.

Will these and the other small shops springing up in Henley save the local economy? If local customers buy into the small business brand, it is easy to see a revitalized town in the near future. Thanks to the ‘Think Local’ campaign, many people may be thinking locally and finding ways to support the small businesses that form the basis for a healthy economy.