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Travel Agency and Transport Company Logos

A compelling and effective travel brand starts with a thorough understanding of your customers’ needs and wants. Whether you’re marketing a travel agency, a travel planning website, or exotic vacation spots travel network, it is important to know the emotional and tangible benefits your business provides before getting in touch with your creative and friendly logo designer.

A good logo design should take into consideration the symbols or characters, fonts and colors to use. The appropriate images or symbols to include in your mark depend on the nature of your business. Just by looking at the Destination North logo above, for instance, you can easily relate it to a very cold travel spot because of the striking images of the White Mountain and a polar bear.

Finding the right colors for your identity is part of the creative execution. Certain shades are strongly associated and even stereotyped. If you’re an agency for tropical destinations like Bali (Indonesia) or Cancun (Mexico), you will find that green and blue are almost always used in a travel branding. On the other hand, brown is linked to deserts while white is to cold geographical locations.

In terms of fonts, the most suitable one for your agency identity still depends on your products or services. Format fonts like Roman typeface or the classic Old-English style are fitting if you’re promoting formal destinations. If it’s a family-oriented location, you have a freedom color to play around with casual fonts.

These are some of the basic elements of a great logo. Having the right logo design process will greatly help your business come up with a very effective symbol for your online travel business.

These vary as the nature of the business varies. It is the particular business carried out that is represented by the logo of a business. Signs and symbols all serve as representatives of the particular concerns to which they are associated with. The travel agency brands are also usually created keeping-in with the spirit of traveling or the destination.

Special considerations:
* Logo Color – The particular destiniations with which the companies deal is usually reflected in the colors chosen for their logos. There may be an agency that is associated with some desert related place. Such a concern may make use of colors such as sandy brown in its logo. Again, if you are arranging tours to islands of interest may use green or aqua color.
* Logo Fonts – The fonts used for related identities designing also differ according to the variation in temperament of the places dealt with. Logos related with fancy places like New York might have a fancy font while those related with some formal place tend to display formal fonts.
* Logo Symbol – The designing of these symbols making use of colors and fonts is also pursued keeping-in with the nature of the destination in question. If the travel concern relates to a place where there is lush greenery all around then this will be represented by trees etc. in the logo.

Similarly, in case it relates to a place associated with surfing then the images of boats with sails etc. will find a place in the logo. There are no impositions placed and designing of logos can be accomplished as per the designer’s imagination.
* Logo Style – The styling of colors, fonts and designing accomplished is very important.