Toronto 2015 Pan American Games Logo Unveiled


A couple of weeks back was a momentous occasion for people in North, South, and Central America: the introduction of the new Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games logo design. The image was released at a public street party with guests from a variety of American backgrounds and a great deal of fanfare. If these festivities are any indication, the Pan Am Games will be fun for people from all over the hemisphere.

The new sports logo is said to represent the style of pre-Columbian aboriginal art and Mezzo-American sport traditions from as far back as 1600 BC. It also has a curved, friendly shape that is youthful and fun, especially when combined with the bright and warm color palette. Because the Pan Am Games represent a wide variety of cultures, it is important to have an image that we all can identify with.

Greens and blues are clean and reflective of nature throughout the Americas, where leafy forests and clear waters dominate. The splash of orange draws in the eye and adds a youthful touch that will appeal to people from a variety of age groups. The image appears to be moving, which gives a sense of excitement and movement to the logo design. The lettering is rounded and friendly, but maintains enough seriousness to be taken seriously. The color of the writing is a serious, businesslike gray combined with the bright orange seen in the image.

Because the Pan American Games are uniquely reflective of our hemisphere, it is important that they have images that are distinctly American. Even the theme is meant to unite players and spectators: United We Play. This theme and the logo design form the brand that will represent these games in the five years approaching 2015. This brand is important to stirring up excitement over the Games and convincing people to visit the Toronto area to watch them.

Not only is this a chance for athletes from North and South America to get together in the name of sportsmanship and brotherhood, it is also a chance for Toronto to show off their city to people from a diverse number of places. The Games are expected to be much larger than the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and to be spread over more than fifty sports venues in seventeen different municipalities. Forty-eight different sports will be played at this event. Although the Pan Am Games currently lack the clout and popularity of the Olympics, fans are hoping that this will change in the near future. This brand and its logo design seem like a step in that direction.

As one would expect, Toronto natives as well as athletes and fans are waiting eagerly for this event, which is the world’s largest international sporting event. Forty-two different nations participate in the games every four years. The planners are hoping to gain a similar amount of media attention to other international sporting events such as the World Cup and the Olympics. So far this seems like a lofty goal but a reachable one.