Top 10 Logo Design Trends of 2009

If you are looking for logo that uses the best of modern logo design concepts, the first step is to know exactly what ‘modern’ is this year. From eighties retro to layers, the logo trends of 2009 are as diverse as can be. Here are the ten top trends in logo design this year along with why they are so perfect for our time.

1. Waves

Logo Design Trend - Waves
Flexibility is a popular trait right now. With the economy in a global upheaval, we all want to do business with a company that goes with the flow. A wave shape portrays that a company is fluid, flexible, and on the move. The feeling of fluidity is further enhanced by the color change, which fades between several sunset-like colors. One drawback to waves is that they are one of the more difficult logo design concepts to work with. However, a graphic design professional will be able to make the process smooth sailing.

2. Layered Transparent Shapes

Logo Design Trend - Layered Transparent Shapes
If you look at the Chicago 2016 Olympics logo, you will notice that the rectangular shapes in the background appear to be layered. This gives the impression that the entity the logo represents is both complex and open. The way the color fades at the top makes it appear that the logo is radiating out and growing. Layered shapes that are partially transparent have been one of the hottest logo design concepts for several years and likely will be in the future. This trend is still a long way from tired.

3. Leaves

Logo Design Trend - Leaves
The green movement is huge, and it is showing itself to be just as huge when it comes to graphic design concepts. Everywhere you look there is a logo with leaves, and not just in industries that deal with gardens or the environment. Leaves are fresh, organic, and natural—and wouldn’t we all rather be outside, anyway? If you want to give your company that same natural appeal, why not infuse your logo with a little green charm by adding a leafy edge. There are a variety of ways to add leave to your logo.

4. 80’s Retro

Logo Design Trend - 80’s Retro
The bright blocky charm of the eighties is back, and the London 2012 logo only confirms it. There are a few elements that make a logo fit in this category. First, the colors must be day-glow bright, and the more bright colors, the better. Shapes must be abstract, but just barely legible. These logos are a little shocking, but that is part of what makes them so effective and memorable. The danger with this and other flash logo design concepts is to appear overly done or even tacky. However, a logo design professional will be able to give you that retro edge without going over the top.

5. Mosaic

Logo Design Trend - Mosaic
This logo is the perfect example of mosaic logo design concepts that are rapidly gaining in popularity. A mosaic gives the image of several small pieces making a cohesive and attractive whole, which is a positive message for prospective customers. Color choice is very important with mosaic logos. In our example, the company is a garden specialist, which is shown through the rich, earthy colors. This is a good example of a logo trend being made fresh and unique.

6. Circles

Logo Design Trend - Circles
Do you think there are too many circular logos as it is? The Mindshare logo is a good example of the way circles are being used in fresh, new ways. As you can see, the two circles fit together in a way that suggests they are sharing, as the company name suggests. Circles suggest both a complete whole and inclusiveness, which are both messages that can attract customers looking for a company that understands their needs. However, circles don’t have to be limited to boring orbs; there is an almost endless list of logo design concepts waiting to be used and explored, as this logo shows perfectly.

7. 3-D Shapes

Logo Design Trend - 3-D Shapes
Using shapes in logos is a long tradition, but 2009 has brought a new twist. New computer software can create a variety of 3-D shapes in a professional and realistic manner. Logos using these elements are at an advantage because it allows you to use the symbolism of shapes—in this case, the strong, masculine square is shown prominently—without falling into old, clichéd patterns. 3D logo design also can be more interesting and attractive in black and white than a normal shape would be.

8. Hidden images

Logo Design Trend - Hidden images
As the millions of children who read ‘Where’s Waldo’ books can attest, finding a hidden image is fun. Hiding an image can be just as fun, especially when it is appropriate to your company. When used in logo design concepts, hidden images add a touch of fun and a sophisticated flair while allowing you to highlight several aspects of your company culture. In this case, the logo design concepts include the woman doing yoga along with the shape of Australia in her bent leg.

9. Wordplay

Logo Design Trend - Wordplay
This is perhaps the most difficult type of logo to design, but it is well worth the effort. A logo that effectively manipulates text to get a story across is clever and memorable. People will remember it and even tell others about it. It is even better when the words can portray something about the company, as in our example. In this case, a company called Upside Down Productions has a logo that features several upside down letters. The logo is well-designed enough that all of the letters are still legible and clear enough to appear professional. An experienced logo design artist can create a similar logo for your company as well.

10. Origami

Logo Design Trend - Origami
Anyone who thinks there are no new logo ideas need only look at this one for inspiration. Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper, has become one of the hottest logo design concepts. Origami is known for its precision and perfection, so it makes a fitting logo for a company that pursues excellence.

If the logo is the face of a company, these logo design concepts are the celebrities of the logo world. Although these are all extremely trendy logos, don’t be afraid to use them. These logos may be en vogue, but they are far from overused. An experienced logo design artist can make these trendy elements both new and classic for your company.