Top Ecommerce Money Wasters


You are probably trying to help your ecommerce website thrive by keeping income as high as possible. However, there is another side to that coin: keeping costs as low as possible. While every business has their particular weak spots when it comes to cost effectiveness, here are the ones that seem to be problems for almost everybody.

  • Paper products. If you are like many ecommerce website owners, you keep duplicate paper copies of important document. Many people even print out their emails! This can get crazy and expensive, while demanding space for filing and money for organizational tools in addition to the ink and paper costs. Keep your files digital and back them up either with external digital storage or with a free backup service such as Mozy. You simply don’t need that cost or that waste of time.
  • Internet costs. It’s unfortunate, but most internet providers treat established customers far more callously than new ones. You may have started out with a great deal and then its time period ended. Now you are saddled with high payments and the same old service. Could it be time to make a switch? This principle applies to cell phone plans, domain hosts and other digital services as well. As soon as your promotion ends, start shopping for a new provider. In many cases you won’t even have to go through the trouble of switching because your existing company will offer you a better deal just to keep your patronage.
  • Energy. This can get really expensive because you have all this electrical stuff, and you need it to run your business. Further, most ecommerce website owners work almost 24/7, so the standard advice about turning off the laptop simply doesn’t apply. However, there are probably ways to cut back without affecting your ability to operate. Can you turn off a light and open the windows to let in sunlight? Do you need a brightly lit room in order to read from a brightly backlit screen? Start looking critically at every item you turn on and consider whether it could just as well stay off.
  • The ‘latest thing’. Contrary to what marketers will tell you, you probably don’t need the latest gadget or service in order to keep up with your competition. In many cases, that laptop upgrade or new app is a complete waste of money. Sometimes it isn’t, however. Do the research before you buy and make sure you know how this item is going to pay for itself in either money or time.
  • Employees. We hate to call employees a waste of money… let’s say that this is a potential area of waste. Some employees earn their paycheck and then some… others not so much. Unfortunately, you cannot afford to pay someone unless you really, really need them and they are paying for themselves in terms of added profits to your business. In many cases, you can outsource the job and get a better price as well as a better product—without the headaches involved in being an employer.