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Nielsen Online recently studied internet behavior in the UK, with surprising results. British web surfers are a loyal crowd. Just a mere handful of websites take up half of the web traffic in the UK, so these brands are definitely making it big. Here are a few websites and internet logo designs that keep us all coming back.


Red Tractor Logo Design
Obviously we love social networking, because social networking giant Facebook received 12.7 percent of the UK web traffic market share. Despite a rough start to the year, this website bounced back because of a cohesive brand and a wide range of benefits that no competitor seems able to approach. The logo design is simple, with a rounded, lower case font that is friendly and inclusive in a soothing blue and white colour palette. This friendly and calm image promises an experience that Facebook more than delivers. People in London and all over the UK use this site to maintain social relationships and share media because of its ease of use.

Windows Live

Red Tractor Logo Design
This site is the most popular email provider in the UK, but this may not last long because of recent innovations with Gmail. However, the Windows Live brand is one that will appeal to many email users. First, it is undeniably connected to the well established Windows program, with the familiar Windows logo a central image in this logo design. Second, a watery blue background makes the logo design calming and serene, a good impression for any computer program. The brand is currently going strong with more than nine percent of all UK traffic, but competitors are waiting to step in at any opportunity.

Google UK

Red Tractor Logo Design
This well recognized logo design promises an easy experience that is also fun, with a brightly coloured palette and simple font that is reminiscent of early childhood. The newspaper-like font suggests that even a fun brand can offer factual information. This combination has earned the loyalty of five percent of the UK market, a share that will likely increase with the mobile use of Google Android.


Red Tractor Logo Design
This retail giant has a logo design similar to Google in terms of colour scheme, but the lower case letters overlapping slightly are even more user friendly. The message of the logo design is that it makes buying and selling both easy and fun, a direct echo if the Google message and one that people in the UK seem to be buying, considering that this brand has a market share of just over four percent.


Red Tractor Logo Design
Do you yahoo? Three and a half of UK residents do, making this company number five in our ranking. Yahoo’s logo design is full of fun, but the company has one key disadvantage; it is going up against the better branded and more multi functional Google. However, the brand is just a few percentage points behind its chief competitor, which shows that it is continuing to inspire a large number of people.