Top 5 Types of Logo Signage


Billboard for a Brand: Top Five Types of Logo Signage for Small Businesses
What’s in a sign? While many small business owners think of signage as something to hire out to the lowest bidder or even neglect entirely, there are few things as important. Your community and your potential customers are making assumptions about your company’s quality and professionalism based upon the quality of your signs—or lack thereof. Here are the top five signs that are important for small businesses.

Building Mounted. These are the signs that come to mind when you think of signage. They are attached to your locations, usually on the roof or otherwise on the building. Not only do building mounted signs tell customers where you are located, they also communicate key facts about your branding and the type of experience people can expect to have when they walk in your doors. Clearly, building mounted signs are important, but they are not the only important sign that a small business needs.

Freestanding. Like building mounted signs, freestanding signs also provide clues about location, but they are attached to a foundation or other structure rather than to the building itself. Freestanding signs are particularly important if your building is set back from the road, as they give you higher visibility while allowing customers the chance to make a safe, legal turn into your parking lot. If these signs are inviting and visible, they will increase foot traffic and, hopefully, spur-of-the-moment purchases.

Changeable Copy Boards. This category can include signs with removable and rearrange-able lettering as well as the electronic message boards that have become popular in recent years. Whatever type suits your style and your budget, changeable copy boards give you an invaluable chance to communicate with a large group of potential customers, whether it is about a sale, a new product, or extended hours. Because they cost little to maintain, these offer some of the lowest-cost advertising and marketing you can find.

Interior. You probably have interior signage, even if you don’t realize it. These are the many signs around your physical locations, such as the signs that display your hours and signs that help you comply with legal regulations such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. It’s important that these be both high quality and congruent with your brand, for example having your signature font and colors. You may even want to include your logo as a means of boosting customer recognition.

Wearable Signage. Every employee who interacts with the public on behalf of your business should have a uniform, an imprinted shirt, a name badge, or some other wearable signage that advertises that they are authorized to represent your company. These should be neat, attractive, and include your logo as well as the names of both your employee and the business as can be seen at the top 10 wearable places to put a logo.

How important is signage? It is a visual cue that communicates important information about your business as well as information about branding. Really, there could be nothing more important than this very powerful first impression. Purchasing high quality signs that match your branding is one important way of spreading the word about your company and your products.