Top 5 British Brewery Logos

By Mash Bonigala (550)

If there is one thing that defines London and the UK, it is the classic pub. Brewing is big business here, with people all over the world respecting British ales. The following breweries and the food and drink logo designs are worth visiting on your next holiday, not just for their excellent products, but for their ambience and superior brand experience.

1. Jennings UK Logo Design

This beer is classically English, located in a picturesque village in northern England’s Lake District. Like many English breweries, a variety of traditional ales are made along with seasonal brews offering new and fun tastes. The logo is all substance, from the turret-like Holy Grail chalice to the black and gold colour scheme. The shape of the logo suggests a banner, tying into the old English roots, while the name is written in a bold font that also suggests tradition. This brand is English through and through, and the logo design shows it.

2. Fuller’s UK Logo Design

Located in London, this company has been tickling taste buds since 1845. The logo design shows this long history, with a griffin resting its paw on an old fashioned wooden keg. The gold accents along with the ribbon like banner imply excellence, while the red that is the primary colour suggests boldness that is much appreciated in an ale. This is one of the nation’s largest independent brewers, offering tradition with the quality one would expect of a family run business.

3. Orkney UK Logo Design

This brewery is located in Scotland, but it is worth the travel time. The bold brand includes beers with unlikely names such as ‘Skull Splitter’ as well as the full range of traditional choices. The logo design features the same red and gold palette as many others, but this time in a circular shape that is inclusive and friendly. The design inside is distinctly Scottish, showcasing the beauty of the culture from which this company sprang. This logo is simple enough to last the test of time, although it certainly appeals to the modern consumer as well.

4. Hook Norton Brewery UK Logo Design

This central England brewery prides itself on doing almost everything the old fashioned way. This is immediately obvious upon touring the grounds, where Shire horses live near the old fashioned tower brewery building that looks like it leapt from a Charles Dickens novel. The logo design shows one of the majestic trees in the area, enclosed by a friendly circle. The bold writing adds a serious and substantial edge. This is a great brewery when you want an old fashioned brew, and an excellent site to tour if you want to see how beer was brewed before modern technologies.

5. Bateman’s UK Logo Design

This Lincoln area brewery is located in an old windmill, so this makes an appropriate image for the logo design, as well as one that is very different from most of the competition. The company name is written above this image, while the strapline below promises ‘Good Honest Ales’. The brand makes several different kinds of traditional British ales, all with the newest technologies combined with the best of old methods. A key part of this company’s brand values is being different from the competition, and this logo design succeeds in portraying this.