Top 5 Branding Mistakes that Female Entrepreneurs Commit


Females are the largest growing group of small business owners, bring a feminine touch to just about every corner of the business world. However, women are prone to different mistakes than their male counterparts. Here are the top five branding mistakes that women make most often.

Marketing too broadly. Any exposure is good exposure, right? Actually, this assumption is tragically incorrect. Any marketing that is not targeted to your precise market is money wasted. Not only are people outside your target audience less likely to buy your products, marketing to them will diminish the effect your campaigns have on your target groups. Keep your money and your attention where both will make the most difference.

Not controlling your personal image. Many female entrepreneurs are aware of the need to use internet sites such as Facebook to market themselves, but they don’t realize the effect of their profile. Your personal image is closely linked to that of your small business. This means that you must closely screen any information about yourself and photographs before it ends up on the internet. Will a picture of you in a bikini holding a Corona bolster your business? If not, keep it off your social networking sites. Same goes for personal information and anything else that might be held against you.

Charging too little. What does your pricing have to do with branding? Everything! If you charge too little for your products, you are not only reducing your profits and thus your viability; you are also devaluing your company and your product. You will never be able to undercut the big box stores for long, so avoid price wars and instead focus on offering high quality, niche products that can’t be found anywhere else.

Taking on projects that are outside of your scope of practice. Many women feel the need to please others, especially their clients. Female entrepreneurs have the additional pressure of having to produce a certain volume of sales. In some cases, this can lead to taking on projects that aren’t quite right for you. This means that you will be putting a lot of time and energy into something that isn’t your specialty. It can also lead to lower quality work which only degrades your brand. Taking on projects that are not right for you is a temporary solution, but one that often leads to even more problems.

Doing it all alone. Until you start a business, you likely have no idea of how many different roles you will be required to take on. Often, a sole proprietor starting out will be their own logo designer, accountant, and salesclerk—even all three in the same five minute interval. However, this sells your brand short in a variety of ways. First, you will not have time for the quality interactions with customers that will build your business. Second, because no one can be an expert in every subject, you will likely perform many of your duties in a shoddy manner. Unless you are going for an amateur, unprofessional brand, this will not help you at all.