Top 15 Boutique Fashion Brands
Of Bond Street

In this article we profile 15 hot independent fashion brands
that are making waves in the UK

Bond Street in London has a reputation as a fashionable place for retail, and is home to the auction houses Sotheby's and Bonhams (formerly Phillips) and the department stores Fenwick and Tiffany's. It is one of the most expensive and sought after strips of real estate in Europe. While there are many internationaly recognizable fashoin brands on Bond Street, we decided to focus on some of the hidden gems which, while are well know to the rich and elite of Mayfair or other upper class areas of London, are reletaively unknown to the masses.

Featured brands: Bosideng, Zadig & Voltaire, Sonia Rykiel, Bimba Y Lola, Monica Vinader, Catimini, R M Williams, High by Claire Campbell, Apostrophe, Tartine et Chocolat, Aubade Paris, diptyque paris, Claudie Perlot, Gerard Darel, Browns

Photography by Nikki Kat © 2015-2018.

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Bosideng is one of the largest fashion companies in China,
and far, far bigger than anything in UK.

As well as producing clothes for many international labels, such as North Face, it has an own-brand network of 10,000 stores in China. Its speciality is the manufacture of down jackets. According to Bosideng's new British designers, Nick Holland and Ash Gangotra, the company produces 450 million ducks' worth of jackets each year. "When we visited the company's museum they said they sold 3.5 million jackets of one particular style in one particular colour," says Holland. "That's just telephone numbers." (Source)

Bosideng's branding and logo design is very elegant and understated.

On the store front in Bond Street you will notice that they only have the text part of the logo in English with the Chinese below that.

The elegant eagle wings are missing. The simplicity of the logo mark and the regal logotype make for an imposing fashion logo design.

Bosideng's Logo Design
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Founded by designer Thierry Giller (whose father founded Lacoste), the label first opened its doors to Paris' Marais in 1997 and earned an instant crowd.

Urbane young Parisians gravitated towards the brand's upscale version of the grittier styles that flourished in the aftershocks of grunge. Soon, Zadig and Voltaire's pursuit of sexy, sonically-inclined youth spread to the UK and beyond. The brand's Sloane Street location in London magnetizes boldfaced names—including Mark Ronson, who starred in a recent ad campaign with girlfriend Joséphine de la Baume, hot on the heels of Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl's striking ads. (Source)

The ZADIG & VOLTAIRE logo design is really nothing to write home about. It is a simple typographic text based design and uses the Trade Gothic and Avant Garde Gothic Demi fonts.

Bosideng's Logo Design
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Even though she is in her 70's, Sonia is no prude. In her latest collection, she has included sex toys, amusing underwear and vibrators to signify the freedom of women.

Sonia Rykiel was born in Paris, France in 1930. At the age of 17, she was employed to dress the window displays in a Parisian textile store. Her first designs in 1962, were of maternity dresses for herself because she was unable to find any soft sweaters when she was pregnant. Shortly after, she started designing for her husband's company Laura. In October 2001, she showed her Spring 2002 collection at the Louvre in Paris, proving that nothing has changed in almost 40 years she has been designing. Her slim fitted sweaters, her love for scrawling random words across a chest or down an arm endures, as does her signature stripes. (Source)

Yet again, you can see that large fashion brands prefer to go for text based typographic logo designs. While this may work well for old, traditional and established fashion houses, for new entrees into this field, it may not be the right choice. The market place is crowded and hence a more iconic design may help.

Bosideng's Logo Design
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Bimba Y Lola

For founders and designers Uxia and Maria Dominguez, the label is very much a family affair (the name came from their pet dogs, Bimba and Lola, hence their greyhound motif), and one that has nurtured a very personal design aesthetic.

For Spanish-based label Bimba & Lola, the future looks bright. Already present in 16 different countries since its inception in 2005, its youthful - yet accomplished - aesthetic and luxe separates has made the fashion industry sit up and take note - think Carven-meets-Jonathan Saunders and you'll be on the right lines. With international expansion planned in Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe, the girls will no doubt be arriving on a street near you very soon. (Source

The Bimba Y Lola is a text based logo design that really does nothing to differentiate itself from the myriad of text based logos that a lot of the traditional fashoin labels use. Nor does it create any kind of brand recall. For more details on this check out our guide to launching a clothing brand.

Bosideng's Logo Design
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Founder and CEO, Monica Vinader, grew up surrounded by arts and objects from her parents' antiques business, an influential force that has guided her entrepreneurial spirit and eye for design.

Monica Vinader is a British luxury jewellery brand that celebrates individuality. Opening up a new category between fashion and fine jewellery, MV creates instantly wearable, contemporary pieces to style, stack and personalise with engraving.

Monica's unique designs have a diverse celebrity following including Emma Watson, Olivia Palermo and the Duchess of Cambridge. Their iconic friendship bracelets, vibrant gemstones and cutting-edge diamond pieces have made Monica Vinader internationally successful.

At their debut in 2008, Monica Vinader won Brand of the Year at the UK Jewellery Awards, and has since been stocked by global luxury retailers including Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty, Net-A-Porter and Boutique 1. You can step into the world of Monica Vinader at their boutiques in London's Chelsea, Mayfair and Canary Wharf, and in Hong Kong's ifc Mall. (Source)

Monica Vinader's logo is a unique kind of jewellery logo design. The icon is made of the letter M seemingly made out of wire - like elegant jewellery. The font is very professional and exudes luxury and timelessness.

Bosideng's Logo Design
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Catimini is a French children’s specialist, renowned for its style and high quality children’s clothing.

Catimini is a French children’s specialist with a focus on fun and trendy fashion, adapted specifically for the needs and desires of children. For over 35 years a creative, innovative and free spirit have allowed the brand to stand out from the crowd. Catimini’s playful collections reflect curiosity and ardour of children: the designer kids clothes are unique, unexpected, full of emotions and in a kaleidoscope of colours. The brand offers matching accessories to complement their cute wear.

The Catimini logo is quite exciting and apt for a children's clothing brand. We would have loved to see an icon with the logo. We do remember seeing an icon of an elephant associated with this brand from time time after Catimini adopted a monther elephant in Lagos in 2010.

Bosideng's Logo Design
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Over time, RM and the signature “Longhorn” brand has become strongly associated with Australia’s national identity, outback heritage and pioneering spirit.

The R.M.Williams company was founded and established in 1932 by Australian legend, Reginald Murray (“RM”) Williams AO, CMG. RM was a bushman, camel-boy, drover, grazier, horseman and businessman.

He designed and crafted footwear, clothing and leather accessories for the men and women who lived and worked in outback Australia.

The RM Williams logo design is a typical outdoors logo and reflects the roots of the brand - the outback in Australia. With a bulls head as the center piece of the logo and the horns spreading wide, it frames the very quaint typography of the name in vintage font. The slogan is to the point - The Bush Outfitter.

R M William's Logo Design
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HIGH by Claire Campbell

Claire Campbell says "The women's clothing and accessory collections designed for HIGH exude a quiet elegance and wealth of tradition that is communicated when clothes work & become part of a person's life“.

Design, Quality and Utility are the three core brand values cited by HIGH's British designer, "modern couturier" Claire Campbell, who is recognized as a leading creative talent in contemporary clothing design.

A breath of fresh air in today's fashion scene, HIGH aims to create contemporary classics over transient fashion, and clothing design for everyday use over occasional wear. (Source)

The High By Claire Campbell logo is elegant and memorable. Using basic lines and a circle, the letters HIGH are formed as the base over which the horizontal arm of the letter H runs all the way through cutting the word into half. Since High is such a unique word for a fashion brand and also since it is a common word, the brand uses a tagline "High Casual Everyday Couture By Claire Campbell" to deliver meaning to the logo.

High CLaire Campbell's Logo Design
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Apostrophe dresses Laurence Ferrari, Valerie Trierweiler , Claire Chazal , Hillary Clinton and many personalities from the arts , politics and business.

True to its fundamentals, the Apostrophe fashion favors beautiful pieces timeless in transience, combining discrete luxury and femininity . Of high spirit and refined, the Apostrophe woman rejects ostentation and pretense she is seduced by the quality of materials, the purity of cuts and color harmony . She knows she will subtly sublimated in all circumstances. The Apostrophe woman remains faithful to its values ​​that the brand embodies perfectly : the seasons. (Source)

The Apostrophe logo is a typical french logo design style based heavily on text treatment with taller than wider fonts and simplicity at the core. We doubt this style would lend itself well in the highly noisy world of Bond Street fashion labels but it would certainly work well in Paris.

Apostrophe's Logo Design
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Since its creation in 1977, Tartine et Chocolat has stayed true to their French heritage with collections that include newborn accessories to infant clothing in a quintessentially traditional style.

Because she wanted to wrap her babies comfort, dress her children softness, chic clothes that do not take themselves seriously, Catherine created Painvin Tartine et Chocolat in 1977. In an exclusive basis, "the Garda "Tartine et Chocolat scratch, the tone is set. Tartine et Chocolat and disclaims pastels of 0-12 years. Never seen so almost. A small revolution that challenges successfully in children's fashion in France and abroad.

In the process, the brand takes time to make its ranges, toys, perfume, children's rooms and moved to the market leader of high quality baby gift. (Source)

Yet again you see the French fashion's preference for typography based logos. For Tartine et Chocolat, the logo is a simple script to perhaps connect with it's specialisation in kids clothing and fashion. The logo is simple and memorable although it could be argued that outside of France, this brand may be mistaken for confectionery.

Tartine et Chocolat's Logo Design
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Created in 1875 by Doctor Bernard, a corset specialist, the Aubade brand was founded in 1958, when panties and girdles were essential elements of women’s lingerie collections.

AUBADE has been a leading luxury lingerie brand ever since its launch in 1958. Every creation is a blend of innovative styling and glamorous creativity. The perfect finish is part of AUBADE’s “savoir-vivre” – as is the art of seduction. Enjoying cult status in France, the “Leçons de séduction” campaign has generated awareness of the brand worldwide. AUBADE is headquartered in Paris (France). (Source)

For a lingere brand I would have expected a more elegant logo design. The Aubade logo is just a very un-sexy looking typography with unnecessary tweaks to the letters. Reminds us of the Dunhill logo wih the tall b and d.

Aubade's Logo Design
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The diptyque store began in Paris, at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain, with three friends driven by the same creative passion.

Christiane Gautrot, interior decorator, Desmond Knox-Leet, painter, and Yves Coueslant, theatre administrator and set designer. Previously designing fabrics and wallpaper for Liberty and Sanderson, together they teamed up in 1961 and opened a store at 34 boulevard Saint-Germain to showcase their fabric designs. With their unique taste, they gradually transformed the store into a world of its own. A chic bazaar offering a fascinating variety of unexpected items, unique to Paris, which the trio brought back from their travels. Merchants of everything, as Henry Gault and Christian Millau liked to name them, their choices had no limits other than their insatiable curiosity and keen sense of beauty. (Source)

The Diptyque Parfumeur logo is quite a unique logo with a vintage emblem look and feel. The brand mark itself is an icon of a vintage perfume dispenser complete with illustration of vapours emanating from it. Around the emblem is the Paris headquarters address.

Diptyque's Logo Design
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Claudie Pierlot did every job in the fashion world: model maker, assistant of Jacqueline Jacobson (fashion designer in Dorothée Bis), or fashion designer for the French department store Printemps. In 1984, Claudie Pierlot creates her own brand for “les femmes de Paris”. The success is immediate and will never flag. In 2009, Claudie Pierlot entrusts its brand to Evelyne Chetrite, Judith Milgrom, Elie Kouby and Frédéric Biousse before she deceased. Everywhere in the world, Claudie Pierlot is now the Parisian woman ambassador: active and feminine, modern and elegant. (Source)

PS: Can you see me in the above photo? :)

Although the official logo design for Claudie Perlot is what you see in the opening photo above and is another one of those French typographic bland text logos, we decided to talk about the more interesting pencil sketch semi-logo in the quintessential Parisienne style from the 1930s. Some how it looks like it could be Audrey Hepburn in that sketch walking her French Bulldog through Champs-Élysées. Such were the clothing designs that Claudie created - carefree and joyful!

Claudie Perlot's Logo Design
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On Tuesday, 27th May, 2003, the maison Darel acquired the original document of the famous « Questionnaire » at an auction by the Drouot Auction House in Paris, France. The maison Darel fell under the spell of this touching document, which displays the charm, sensitivity and spirit to be found throughout the works of Marcel Proust.

The meticulous work carried out by the « petites mains » inside the Atelier, located in the heart of Paris close to the Stock Market, underpins the house renowned quality. Paris, and its wealth of beauty, serves as a primary source of inspiration for the stylists. Behind the Gerard Darel style lies a true tradition of excellence. Selection of materials and leathers, work on the draping and fluidity of the cut, attention to the finishing, among many other things. The demand for quality governs the production of each piece of clothing, each accessory. (Source)

You are probably wondering why we even bother having this section talking about the fashion logos of these brand when each of them in succession is a simple text logo mark. You could be right. But each text logo also has its nuances as in this case. Elegance in the font.

Gerard Darel's Logo Design
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Browns offers special personalized service and the ultimate shopping experience for clothing and accessories for both men and women all under one roof. Browns Focus is targeted at the trendy, cutting edge market.

Joan Burstein created Browns with her husband Sidney in 1970. Once a small boutique housed on the ground floor at 27 South Molton Street, Browns rapidly became one of London's most important fashion destinations and grew quickly, expanding through five connecting townhouses with number 23 being exclusively for men. Joan Burstein is credited with discovering such talents as John Galliano, Alexander McQueen, Hussein Chalayan and Commes des Garcons. Her talent for spotting future fashion super stars, "is nothing more than a hunch, "it just happens", she says. "People say, 'How can you tell?'. It's a gut feeling. It's a gut instinct." (Source)

The Browns logo has not changed since 1970 and is a simple but elegant text based logo that almost appears have been hand drawn with the seriefs of the font looking a little jagged. The color is very understated - just like the brand.

Brown's Logo Design