Top 10 Logos For Winter Sports


Outward Bound: The Top Ten Winter Sports Logos

Winter sports are big money, and there are a lot of choices available to this increasingly savvy group of consumers. This means that the logo of a winter sports company must always be in top forum, using best principles of design to communicate the brand’s strengths and values. Here are a few sports logos that are attractive while imparting a powerful message about the companies they represent.

1. K2 Winter Sports Logo Design

K2 Winter Sports Logo Design
K2 is the nickname for one of the world’s tallest and toughest mountains, so it is only appropriate that this popular winter sports companies use a triangle as a central image of this logo. The triangle is similar in shape to a mountain and this may be the source of its association with strength and eternity. The ‘K’ and the ‘2’ in this logo are woven together in a unique way, making this a memorable logo that can easily be printed on the brand’s clothing and equipment.

2. Burton Winter Sports Logo Design

Burton Winter Sports Logo Design
The Burton logo eschews the triangle and instead chooses a solid, steady square to represent their products. The central graphic is of a ‘B’, which appears to be a curving arrow. This gives the impression of movement and agility, which is another appropriate image for a winter sports company. The meaning of the logo is clear: if you want a dependable product that can move fiercely through the snow, this is a board to look at.

3. Spyder Winter Sports Logo Design

Spyder Winter Sports Logo Design
Spyder is one of the most popular brands of winter sports gear, and their fierce sports league logo may be a part of this success. First, the central image of a spider ties directly in to the company name. Second, the name is written in an eye-catching red in a thick, bold font that gains attention. The speed lines imply that with this gear, snowboarders can really catch some speed. The negative space in the logo also implies speed lines. In all, this is a fast-moving company with a logo that represents them perfectly.

4. Volkl Winter Sports Logo Design

Volkl Winter Sports Logo Design
This brand has an Austrian name and a European style logo to match. The logo consists of two overlapping V’s that are roughly triangular, tying in to both mountains and to nature’s strongest shape. However, the way they are arranged looks like a diamond, which is a shape that is used to rate skiing and snowboarding courses. The yellow in the middle adds interest and pulls in attention. The writing is bold and sans-serif, giving an authoritative image that keeps loyal skiers and snowboarders buying this brand of equipment over other choices.

5. Dakine Winter Sports Logo Design

Dakine Winter Sports Logo Design
Here we again see the image of the triangle and the mountain, although in a totally different way. This mountain has more detail, detracting from the strength of the triangle but tying better into the sport. A black shadow in the center is also in the shape of an arrow pointing upward, implying that this brand is moving in an upward direction. The writing has both square and rounded edges, giving both strong and friendly impressions at the same time. This logo is all about strength, with just a touch of movement and unity thrown into the details. This logo has the potential to be listed in the top 10 sports teams logos list.

6. Descente Winter Sports Logo Design

Descente Winter Sports Logo Design
The arrows seen in other winter sport logos take center stage here. Not only is movement implied by this shape, the three different arrows seem to be asking: what way do you want to go? The fact that all three arrows are pointing downward also relates to the company name. The implication is that this brand can take you anywhere, an impression that is likely to be very attractive to the crowds of skiers and snowboarders who are its target audience. The writing is simple and legible, with no frills to detract from the core message.

7. Forum Winter Sports Logo Design

Forum Winter Sports Logo Design
Forum has a simple logo, but one that is nonetheless communicative and enticing. The shape is roughly square, but well rounded to add a touch of friendliness. The ‘F’ that is the central figure is drawn so that it looks like a wavy line, a symbol of fluidity and forward movement that is appropriate for the snowboarding industry that makes up the majority of Forum’s sales. The entire logo, from the writing to the image, is slightly slanted to further communicate the idea of movement.

8. Quiksilver Winter Sports Logo Design

Quiksilver Winter Sports Logo Design
Originally a surfing company, Quiksilver quickly moved into the lucrative world of winter sports clothing and equipment. Their logo is very effective in this frontier. Once again, we see a mountain that is also a strong triangle, but a wave beside it represents the other board sports that this company focuses upon. The writing is thin and rounded, adding a touch of unity to this strong and dominant image.

9. Roxy Winter Sports Logo Design

Roxy Winter Sports Logo Design
This is the female end of the Quiksilver empire, so it is only appropriate that the company use its Quiksilver logo in a new and interesting way. Two of the Quiksilver logos are placed side by side to create a heart, a very feminine image that is likely attractive to Roxy’s core audience. The strength of the triangle is not lost, however. The writing is similar to that used in the Quiksilver logo as well, with another feminine touch, a flower, in place of a traditional ‘X’.

10. Betty Rides Winter Sports Logo Design

Betty Rides Winter Sports Logo Design
This up and coming brand of women’s winter wear and gear uses its logo to communicate that it is all about women and their involvement in winter sports. The hot pink is an unmistakably feminine color, while the common ‘woman’ symbol takes center stage. The ‘B’ of the company’s name is written in a scrolling, feminine font to add to the female friendly image. The entire logo is slightly off center and surrounded by a square, adding a solid, sensible edge to the image.

Whether it is a mountain, a triangle, or another image of strength, all of these winter sports companies use elements of logo design to show their strength and dominance. In addition, other values, such as friendliness or high quality, are communicates as well. A logo can be used to communicate almost anything through color, shape, and image and the role of a sports logo design can never be understated.