Top 10 Store Brand Logos


Many people don’t think about the branding behind store logos because they don’t have national advertising campaigns. However, these products definitely have a recognizable brand, one that is often built on their logo alone. People who buy store brands buy them based on impression alone, and the logo is a huge part of that impression as opposed to the elegant online boutique logos. Here are ten store brand logos that are both communicative and attractive.

1. O Organics Store Logo Design

O Organics Store Logo Design
O Organics is one generic brand with one unique aspect: all of this company’s products are organic, as the name more than suggests. Rather than relying on greens and earth tones to communicate this difference from most other store brands, O Organics lets their name do the talking and instead uses bright eye-catching colors that will entice shoppers and gain notice on the shelf. The ‘O’ is in the shape of a circle, which makes this friendly image appropriate for both the image and the brand name.

2. Up & Up Store Logo Design

Up & Up Store Logo Design
Arrows connote movement, which make this shape a great choice in image for a brand called Up & Up. This image implies movement, which adds to the quality image implied by the logo. Eye catching primary colors are used for the arrows, while the company name is written in simple, sans-serif letters that are slightly rounded for a friendly feeling. The simplicity of this logo seems honest rather than stark, which bolsters the straightforwardness that is promised by the company name.

3. Great Value Store Logo Design

Great Value Store Logo Design
This store brand has a more minimalist feel to both their logo and their packaging. First, there is a white background with a simple, unadorned picture of the product being sold. The first word of the name is written in white with blue outlining, while the second part is written in solid blue. This subtle color change differentiates the letters, allowing people to see the ‘great’ and the ‘value’ separately. The impression is that this product is both great and valuable, which is exactly what the company is trying to say. The simplicity of this logo makes the message clear without being ‘in your face’.

4. President’s Choice Store Logo Design

President’s Choice Store Logo Design
This line of products uses a rectangle to give a solid image, which is important to store brands who are trying to present themselves as cheaper and yet equal to more expensive namebrands. The colors red and gold suggest royalty, while an entwined ‘P’ and ‘C’ are both the initials and an attractive image for the logo. The name is written out to the left in a scrolling script that appears to have been written by an older gentleman, perhaps representing the president being named.

5. Safeway Select Store Logo Design

Safeway Select Store Logo Design
The logo for this more upscale store brand has subtle elements that suggest high quality. First, the general shape is of a shield, which implies tradition. The black color is used in upscale goods, while the gold suggests jewelry and royalty. The image above the writing looks like a stylized flower, but it also resembles a fork, which is significant because this private label makes food products.

6. Primo Taglio Store Logo Design

Primo Taglio Store Logo Design
The name may be Italian, but the red, white and blue color scheme suggests Americana. Gold accents again give a feeling of wealth and riches. The writing is printed, but with scrolling accents that soften the overall image. The words ‘premium’ and ‘first cut quality’ tell the customers about the quality they can expect from this product.

7. Archer Farms Store Logo Design

Archer Farms Store Logo Design
First, this logo uses color to convey a message. Green is a common color used in agricultural and earth-friendly goods, which is part of this brand’s ethos. A splash of red in the woodcock in the center attracts attention and provides contrast. The central image of a woodcock ties into the name because it is an image commonly associated with farms and rural life. The tagline, ‘Tasty Food, Tasty Price’ communicates yet more about the brand. In all, this food and drink logo ties the name into the logo effectively.

8. Western Family Store Logo Design

Western Family Store Logo Design
The circle connotes friendliness, while the slanted orientation implies movement. The impression is that this is a company you can join in moving toward the future. The writing has a slightly newsy feel, with serifs, but the edges are softened enough to give a friendly feeling. This is one of the simplest logos on the market, but nonetheless one of the most effective.

9. Private Selection Store Logo Design

Private Selection Store Logo Design
This is another store brand trying to give a more upscale image. Again, a sophisticated black with gold accents is used to give an upper middle class image. Further upscale accents include the fancy, scrolling writing and the diamond shape in the center of the logo. Red is a perfect color for the diamond, as it attracts attention. The words ‘Premium Quality’ are written above the store brand name in a block print that is conspicuous and noticeable.

10. Market Pantry Store Logo Design

Market Pantry Store Logo Design
This Target store brand uses several shapes to give a clear message. First, the logo as a whole is generally in the shape of a rectangle, which is a solid, dependable shape that makes customers more likely to feel trusting. However, the edges are rounded for a friendlier feeling. This inclusiveness is further portrayed by the circle inside the logo. The entirely lower case letters are unassuming and easy to read. No one can miss this simple but strong logo, making it easy to pick out on the shelves.

As you can see, store brands all want to seem like a high quality product for a great price, but they go about this differently. Whether it’s a calming blue and white color scheme or a bold, sophisticated black and gold one, all use color to communicate. Images tend to be eschewed in favor of shapes, giving a simple but elegant result. Many people buy store brands despite the lack of advertising, which must mean that these logos are doing their job. If you have a logo designed for your company, you can have the same advantage: an image that speaks to the customer in a subtle, yet effective language.