Top 10 Spa Salon Logos


Here are the top 10 Beauty Spa Salon logos:


Fiori Skin Care Spa Logo
Fiori Skin Care spa, located in Atlanta, Georgia, specializes in providing the latest technologically advanced procedures and products in aesthetics while featuring the finest in personal attention in a tranquil atmosphere. The Fiori spa logo is quite simple and is a text based logo utilizing the unique “F” letter of the font as the main feature of the logo and other brand elements.


Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon Logo
Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon, located in Boston, Massachusetts, provides the heist quality in personalized services and natural products to enhance one’s lifestyle, wellness, health, and beauty. The Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon Logo is made up of the initials D and C enclosed in a brown vertical box. The C actually looks like an “e” and I think it is a poor choice of the font for it. The logo does not do justice to the high-quality service that they provide.


Cleise Brazilian Spa Logo
Brazilian women are recognized around the world over for their exquisite skin, pampered bodies, and their dedication to wellness and beauty. Cleise Gomes introduces men and women to signature Brazilian treatments and techniques that have made this enclave of beauty world-renown for wellness and grooming. The Cleise Brazilian Spa Logo, located in Chicago, Illinois, is a little unique in the way the “S” in the company name is twisted elegantly to form the design element. This “S” icon is then used in branding offline and throughout their website. I also like the earthy shades of green color.


Avalon Salons Spa Logo
Avalon Salon first opened its doors to Dallas patrons February 22, 1990, in Snider Plaza, a Highland Park retail center adjacent to the SMU law school. This Aveda Concept Salon was co-founded by business partners and close friends, Ric Bowden and Lawrence Bonanno. The Avalon Salons Spa Logo, located in Dallas, Texas, quite a nice attempt at a luxury brand (much like top 10 luxury boutique logos) by incorporating an icon of crown coupled with a font that had a medieval touch to it.


Salon Denver Spa Logo

SALON DENVER is a full-service salon dedicated to fulfilling your every beauty desire. Hair, skin, and nails are our passion and we will help you build that inner confidence and attractiveness that always gets that second look. Centrally located in the Riverfront/ Lodo area Salon Denver is easily accessible via I-70 or I-25. The Salon Denver Spa Logo, located in Denver, Colorado, is a very simple font based logo utilizing a very common font, hardly any color and quite subdued and hard to see on their website.


Bocci Salon Spa Logo

In 1993, Jay and Tracey Bocci began their quest to develop a world-class salon. Through skill, an eye on industry trends, and a focus on their customers, Bocci Salon quickly grew. By 1999, it had become one of the top 200 fastest growing salons in the United States. Today, it is recognized as one of the top Salons in Southeastern Michigan. The Bocci Salon Spa Logo, located in Detroit, Michigan, is a 3D logo design of the letter “b” which itself is unique – a circle with a diagonal line to create the b and is flash animated logo on their website.


7 Salon Miami Spa Logo

Enter a tranquil environment, painted with tones of beauty and designed with the essence of modernity. This- zen-like hair boutique, with a “fun”-Shui attitude is home to 7 Salon. The haircutting and trendsetting denizens of this style-spot are known for their signature cuts, fabulous color technicians and out of this world customer service. The 7 Salon Miami Spa Logo, located in Miami, Florida, is a web 2.0 logo design with an awesome looking icon of the number 7 in an oriental style.


 Ion Studio New York Salon Logo

ION Studio is a full-service luxury and green salon, that was created using green or recycled materials and is powered by wind energy. Founders Leonardo Manetti and Marco Santini are both formerly of Bumble and bumble, teaming with co-owner Pasquale Ferrante, a creative director from Toni & Guy. ION studio is located in the heart of SOHO at 41 Wooster Street between Broome and Grand in New York. The logo is a golden spherical icon with the word ION inside it. Not sure if the small black dot on the left-hand side of the logo was intentionally or if it was there for animation purposes for the menu system.



Red Door Spa Elizabeth Arden Logo

A leader in the industry, Red Door Spas is committed to enhancing the lives of our guests through beauty, harmony, and well-being…and is the ongoing vision of day spa pioneer Elizabeth Arden.  The Red Door Spa Elizabeth Arden Logo, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is a simple red rectangle box with white windows. The red door spas are in all small letters with Elizabeth Arden below the logo.



Honey Comb Salon Logo

A leader in the industry, Red Door Spas is committed to enhancing the lives of our guests through beauty, harmony, and well-being…and is the ongoing vision of day spa pioneer Elizabeth Arden. The Honeycomb Salon Logo, located in San Francisco, California, is a nice logo with a simple icon of scissors separating the words Honey and Comb with the word Salon in small under the company name. I also like the brand color which is a shade of honeycomb color.



Highlight Your Style with a Spa Beauty Salon Logo

Your beauty salon logo will be an outer expression of your business’s inner beauty, one that your customers and potential customers can use to decide whether they want to purchase your services. Because you are selling style, it’s essential that your logo branding be stylish, unique, and feminine. After all, your logo will be a graphic representation of your company and present on everything from signs to full color business cards. Your spa logo must show your personality and make clients want to trust their appearance to your well manicured hands. Here are a few logo branding ideas for a few different kinds of spa logo.

A Spa Salon Logo. If your salon is offering a spa-like experience with lots of pampering and pleasant aesthetics, this should be reflected in your logo. Choose soothing colors such as deep blue or green and relaxing symbols that indicate the deep sense of calm your clients will find when they step through your doors. Continue with the theme of relaxation and pampering by selecting letters that are easy to read and relatively uncomplicated. Natural icons such as water and leaves often lend themselves well to a beauty salon logo for a business like yours.

A Girly-Girl Salon Logo. Some salons offer the full feminine treatment from nail wraps to hair extensions to waxing. If classic femininity is what sets you apart in your area, your spa logo should express that. Choose a feminine color scheme involving pink, lavender, or other traditionally feminine hues, and traditionally female objects such as flowers or bows. In some cases, parts of the human body such as a stylized face or hands can be part of a girly logo. The text on a feminine beauty salon logo can be either simple and understated or ornate and scrolling. These logos are particularly striking on full color business cards due to the soft colors and soft shapes that tend to be chosen. Your graphic designer will know how to incorporate feminine themes into your spa logo without being clichéd or overstated.

A Natural Paradise Salon Logo. Does your salon use all natural products and offer a ‘greener’ experience? If so, the color green may be the perfect hue for your salon logo color scheme. If green seems overused in your type of salon, shades of brown, gray, and other earth tones can create an earthy effect as well. A leafy logo or one that otherwise suggests nature may work well in your logo branding scheme. Unlike a salon logo for a different type of establishment, the writing in your logo can be much plainer and even ultra-modern.

These are just general ideas for the logo branding and design; the possibilities are truly endless if you are working with a quality logo design agency. Whether your salon fits into one of these categories or has its own unique style, working with a graphic designer will help your business get a salon logo that expresses your company’s unique style in a language more effective than words. Whatever type of logo you end up with, it is sure to be a professional piece of art that represents your salon and its unique style. Following the top 10 series that we have been presenting including Top 10 Web 2.0 Blog Logos, Top 10 Online Travel Logos, Top 10 Rock Band Logos and Top 10 Pizza Company Logos.