Top 10 Software and Hardware Logos


Why is software logo graphics so important? Even if you don’t own a software-related company, there is much to be learned from the logo graphics used in some of the most profitable software logos and computer hardware logos. A software logo graphic is unique among company logos because it must be appealing to wide range of consumers—that is, everyone who owns a computer—and sell a prohibitively expensive product. There are a variety of ways that these top ten products accomplish this lofty goal, but all are very successful.

1. Microsoft

Microsoft Software Logo

Microsoft must have one heck of a design team because this company gets credit for number one of the top ten software logo graphics. This graphic clear, colorful, memorable, and offer a good representation of what the software in question is for. Best of all, this logo, like almost all Microsoft corporation logos, uses the same font and color palate as other Microsoft products, tying the company’s many products together. This is a good example of how a corporate logo software can set the standard for company-wide branding, created by a master logo maker.


2. HP

HP Hardware Logo

When choosing shapes for logo graphics, many graphic designers have quite a dilemma. What could be more business-like than a square? On the other hand, circles are friendlier shapes. Hewlett-Packard gets around this classic question by including a rounded square and a circle in its logo. Now that’s a win-win situation! This logo distinguishes HP as a computer hardware giant with the classic blue seen in the Microsoft logo and many other software related logos. There is no graphic, which may be because this company has too much of a large range of products for a single image.


3. Dell

Dell Hardware Logo

Dell uses a circle in its graphic, which makes the logo and the company alike feel friendly and inclusive. Its lettering is done in simple block shapes with the ‘E’ turned onto its side. This makes the ‘E’ appear to be forming a square, forming yet another square/circle combo in this category of logos.


4. IBM

IBM Hardware Logo

Less is more when it comes to this computer hardware industry giant. This company has opted for an ultra-simple logo, with the same blue of many other hardware logos and strips of negative space that break up the letters. IBM is too creative of a company for unembellished text in its logo graphics, but these stripes add just the right amount of interest. As a bonus, these stripes also look like the horizontal blinds that are commonly used in offices, where an IBM product is very likely to be used.


5. Red Hat

Red Hat Software Logo

Unlike many of the software companies mentioned so far, Red Hat is a company that focuses on creating free and open source software. It is only fitting that their logo looks very different from most software logo graphics. It shows its willingness to let the public use their products with a circular shape. A detective like a man is placed in the circle wearing a bright red hat. Not only does this image tie into the company name, it gives the impression that the company is a hip and even somewhat subversive entity in the software market.


6. Ubuntu

Ubuntu Software Logo

At first glance, the Ubuntu graphic appears to be very different from any of the programs mentioned above. First, it uses a warmer range of colors, with reds, oranges, and yellows. The writing is entirely in the lower case and written in a soft, rounded font without serifs. However, it also utilizes the two-shape design of Dell and HP. You can clearly see the circle in this logo, but there is also a triangle implied by the three different colors and the three dots. A triangle adds a hard edge and a dose of strength to the circle’s inviting softness.


7. Bungie

Bungie Software Logo

Bungie is not your average software company. Instead of making practical programs that you will use every day in your office, Bungie creates the games you play when the work is over. The computer game logo graphic reflects the fun nature of the company. The arc above the company came seems to be a ball bouncing toward you. The message is that you are being invited to join in the game.


8. Linux

Linux Software Logo

An honorable mention goes to Linux for their adorable penguin mascot graphic. This cute and cuddly logo was not designed with subliminal impressions in mind; instead, it was a winning entry in a logo graphics contest for Linux. The message is that Linux is a company of the people and by the people, one that takes their audience very seriously. The name “Tux” that has been given to the penguin is phonetically similar to the company name, so there is some corporate tie-in.


9. Accenture

Accenture Software Logo

Accenture avoids logo graphics by using their name as a logo with just one simple, meaningful embellishment. The company name is written in a simple black serif font, and there is an accent above the name in the shape of a “more than” sign from elementary math. The message? That Accenture is simple, classic, and more than it appears.


10. Blender

Blender Software Logo

Blender’s logo graphics just may be the most original of this group. This graphic features what appears to be a blue eye in the middle of an orange orb. The blue is calming, while the color orange is stimulating, creating an interesting effect. This logo is definitely strange, but also strangely appropriate for a company known to be cutting edge.


It is no coincidence that the ten most powerful software and hardware logo graphics also belong to some of the most successful software products and hardware companies on the globe. A truly unique logo can make your company appeal to a wide audience, while a mediocre one can ruin your chances at success. In the software or hardware industry, consumers are investing a significant amount of money in a product they likely have never tried. They have to trust that the company is going to deliver a useful and useable product. The logo tells the public whether the company is worth the expense. Whether a company is creating products for businesses or products for leisure, the logo is an important part of the corporate identity.