Top 10 Religious Symbols

Mash Bonigala

The Most Common Graphic Design Logo? The Hidden Meaning behind Common Religious Logos

Although few people would see the connection between the Coca-Cola logo and the Christian cross, many religious symbols are indeed logos. Like corporate logos, they exist to communicate key information about the religion’s values and history, while giving followers and prospective converts a symbol around which to rally. You are likely seeing religious logos everywhere: on places of worship, religious books, and even on jewelry and apparel. Here are ten religious logos that you see around you almost every day, along with their meaning and the subconscious message that these logos send.

1. Christian Cross Logo Design

Christian Cross Logo Design
This is perhaps the best known religious symbol on the planet because of its simplicity. Although the Christian cross represents that cross on which the religion’s leader was put to death, it is also a common symbol that predates Christianity. The cross represents the unity of two opposite lines, and in some early religions represented fire as it can be seen as two sticks being rubbed together. Although the graphic design logo is associated primarily with Jesus Christ, as you can see it has significance that goes beyond this meaning.

2. Star of David Logo Design

Star of David Logo Design
As the name suggests, legends date this graphic design logo back to the one used on the shield of the Jewish King David. According to the legend, the young king did not have enough metal for a full shield and instead stretched leather across two triangular metal frames, creating the hexagram shape now associated with the religion. The six points combined with the center have particular numerological significance to adherents of the religion, but the universal symbolism is easy to interpret. The triangle is a symbol of strength, as it is the strongest shape in geometry. By entwining the two triangles, the impression is of strength and connection.

3. Muslim Crescent Logo Design

Muslim Crescent Logo Design
The star and crescent of this graphic design logo hail back to Ottoman times, which was the establishment of the first Muslim empire. As such, they are an expression of the strength of this religion and culture. In general, celestial symbols such as the star and moon suggest lofty aspirations as well as the presence of a deity, both of which are important in this and many other religions. This symbol is both culturally significant and transcending.

4. Hindu Omkar Logo Design

Hindu Omkar Logo Design
The Omkar is a symbol of the syllable ‘Om’, which is significant in the Hindu religion as well as many other Asian religions. This word is written in Sanskrit in this symbol, which is the language used for sacred Hindu writings. This graphic design logo defies description, using none of the archetypical shapes and symbols seen in other religions, which establishes Hinduism as fundamentally different from other world religions, a positive impression for modern people who are always looking for something different and better.

5. Buddhist Lotus Flower Logo Design

Buddhist Lotus Flower Logo Design
The lotus flower represents many things to Buddhists and other Asian cultures, including the purity and symmetry that are universally associated with blossoms. Because the petals unfold and eventually give birth to fruit, the lotus flower and other flowers represent the growth and unfolding of the self, as well as one phase of life giving way to another. This graphic design logo is heavily symbolic to Buddhists while also an attractive image for any religion to portray.

6. Shinto Torii Logo Design

Shinto Torii Logo Design
To an outside, the Torii appears to be a gate or entryway, which is a symbol of entering new places and encountering new beginnings. The Torii indeed is the gate that is at the entrance of Shinto temples. The rectangular shape is commanding, implying that people who enter this religion are encountering an authority. Because believers associate the Torii with the line between secular and spiritual, the impression given by this religious graphic design logo is both accurate and compelling.

7. Sikh Khanda Logo Design

Sikh Khanda Logo Design
The Sikh Khanda features several symbols that are important to the religion as well as one more commonly recognized symbol. First, the graphic design logo is in a generally circular shape, with the circular Chakkar in the center, which shows the harmony and all-encompassing nature of the religion and culture. In the center is the double edge sword, a common symbol in this warrior culture. The two swords on either side represent the dual nature of the guru that leads the religion.

8. Taoist Taiji Logo Design

Taoist Taiji Logo Design
This religious graphic design logo is commonly known as the Yin and Yang. The circle is a symbol of unity, while the dark and light symbolize the marriage of opposites, such as male and female, dark and light. The small circles of opposite color within the larger color sides represent that all things have a little bit of their opposite characteristic. It is impossible to see the symbol of Taoism without understanding the role that duality plays in this religion.

9. Zoroastrian Faravahar Logo Design

Zoroastrian Faravahar Logo Design
The graphic design logo of the Zoroastrian religion hails back to one of the most common symbols of the Persian Empire in which the religion was founded. It features a winged disc, with the wings representing closeness to God and the circle being a common symbol of unity and inclusiveness. The man featured in the symbol is Ashur, an Assyrian God who carries a bow and arrow to denote the warrior-spirit of the ancient Persians. This symbol incorporates the history of this religion with archetypical symbols.

10. Baha’i Nine Pointed Star Logo Design

Baha’i Nine Pointed Star Logo Design
The Baha’i religion associates the number nine with perfection and spirituality. The word Baha’i in its native language also adds up numerologically to nine, adding to the significance. Because the star is a symbol of the heavens, a nine pointed star makes great sense as a religious emblem and a graphic design logo for this religion.

Regardless of your religious and spiritual beliefs, there is a lot to be learned from the most common religious symbols. The most powerful lesson is that combining your history and culture with commonly recognized symbols is the key to both logo design and branding. By following the same guidelines, you too can have a compelling graphic design logo that inspires loyalty and goodwill in your customer base and the general public.