Top 10 Photography Studio Logos


Photography Studio Logos – Photography is both an art and a profession. As such, photographers must walk a fine line between pleasing their customers, remaining true to their artistic impulses, and marketing themselves in a way that maintains enough business to pay the bills. These photography logos are interesting and original, very different from the images that you would see in any other type of logo design. They are the cornerstone of each photographer’s brand, a hint at their personal style and the type of product that a customer can expect from the business.

While many photographers use their own photographs in their Photography Studio Logos, this is in general a bad idea. First, there is a good chance that many customers who would like several of your photographs might not like that particular one. Second, a photograph usually doesn’t work well on paper and stationary, giving your business a lower case look. For an appropriate, inviting, multipurpose, and yet intensely personal logo, you will need to talk to a professional logo designer. Here is a small sampling of the attractive and interesting Photography Studio Logos we have seen around lately.