Top 10 Logo Makeovers

Mash Bonigala

Is change always for the better? When it comes to logos, the answer is: sometimes. Corporate branding is one subject that companies take very seriously. The only way to be successful in this global market is to set yourself apart from the competition in every conceivable way, and this is impossible without designing a logo to represent your logo. Because the logo is such an irreplaceable part of your company’s brand, it can be downright painful to undertake a change in this key aspect of the company’s public image. For these companies, the result was more than worth the challenge.

Top 10 Logo Redesigns


1. Apple

Apple Logo Before

Apple Logo After

Although Apple started with a black and white scene of Isaac Newton sitting under a tree, for much of their corporate history they have used the emblem of a bitten apple with multi-colored stripes. Recently, however, the company has been hard at work designing a logo that better fits the modern customer. The result is a modern bitten apple logo that appears to be made out of glass. While there is nothing inherently wrong with stripes or bright colors, the white of this logo matches the famously white color of Apple’s computers and other products.


2. Boeing

Boeing Logo Before

Boeing Logo After

Designing a logo and redesigning it until it is perfect has yielded an excellent result for Boeing. As you can see, this international aircraft company’s logo in the thirties featured its name with wings drawn on either side. The colors are a patriotic red, white, and blue, and the whole logo is enclosed in a circle. The current Boeing logo couldn’t be more different. The calming blue palette of the company name is complimented by a smooth gray. An orb suggests the globe, while the lines circling it imply a fast traveling object such as an airplane.


3. Mazda

Mazda Logo Before

Mazda Logo After

Mazda has been through several rounds of designing a logo, but the most recent have yielded a very different and new result. While the old logo featured a square inside a circle to indicate the sun and a flame for passion, the new logo is a figure meant to look like a bird stretching its wings in flight. Not only is this a figure that brings speed to mind, it has the additional benefit of looking like a stylized letter ‘M’. This logo change is an all-around winner, with a more appropriate logo with more fitting imagery.


4. Starbucks

Starbucks Logo Before

Starbucks Logo After

Starbucks coffee shop logo had several challenges in designing a logo that would take their current image to another, more professional level. The first challenge was the color; brown is certainly related to coffee, but very drab and not representative of the company’s full line of products. The second challenge was the siren image. While this was a traditional part of the company logo and related to the very name, many people felt that the siren imagery was over sexualized. Starbuck’s solved this issue by modifying their logo to deal with key issues. First, the color was changed to green, which is a color that implies both freshness and ecology. Second, the siren image was kept but re-centered to put emphasis on the top half of the image, effectively neutering it.


5. BP

BP Logo Before

BP Logo After

In 2003 this oil company’s original logo had no major flaws, but it was time for a change. With research showing fossil fuels to be a major pollutant and people everywhere switching to newer, greener technologies, British Petroleum needed a makeover. In this case, designing a logo for the future meant keeping the current color palette of bright green and gold but introducing imagery that felt cleaner and natural to consumers. The trusty shield was traded for a multi-colored logo that is reminiscent of both the sun and flowers.


6. Proctor and Gamble

Proctor and Gamble Logo Before

Proctor and Gamble Logo After

This company is mentioned here not because their plain blue, text only logo is a paragon of style, but because it is such an improvement over past logos. The company started out in the nineteenth century with a man in the moon logo that had no text and really nothing to do with the company’s products.


7. Buick

Buick Logo Before

Buick Logo After

This car maker must not mind designing a car logo, because they redesign theirs on a regular basis, certainly more than most companies. The most recent change turned the traditional triple-shield logo from a multi-colored affair to a sleeker metallic logo that won’t clash with your paint job, keeping all other elements of the logo the same.


8. Kraft

Kraft Logo Before

Kraft Logo After

Of all the logos on this list, the Kraft logo has probably changed the most in a single redesigning process. Once a primary blue word trapped in a red oval, Kraft is now cerulean and features a multi-colored flower to the left. This logo offers a natural symbol that is sure to appeal more to the wiser foods consumer who is looking for a healthier and more natural diet and would therefore like a well-formed food and drink logo.


9. UPS

UPS Logo Before

UPS Logo After

In designing a logo for the new UPS, the company decided to return to their roots. Although UPS once featured a chocolate brown shield with gold lettering—which will look very familiar now—for decades this delivery company had used a plain black and white logo. Returning to color has given the logo more depth and allowed the company to design a corporate brand around this color scheme.


10. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins Logo Before

Baskin Robbins Logo After

This ice cream chain redesigned their logo to be more fun for the modern consumer while maintaining the colors historically used throughout their company. A new, sharper-edged font was introduced and the number 31 was hidden in the company name rather than prominently displayed in the center of the logo. Could this be because a modern consumer is not as impressed by 31 flavors? We’ll never know, but in this case designing a new logo gave this company a fresh look.


In these cases, newer certainly does equal better. While it’s important to maintain the corporate identity of your company, it is equally important to keep your logo and your signs fresh and modern looking. As you can see from the examples above, it is possible to design a logo that is a modern take on your pre-existing images. A high quality graphic designer will be able to rework your logo so it can be a contemporary reflection of your company’s future instead of a dated relic of the past.

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