Top 10 Cool Logos


Top 10 Cool Logos: If you are like most of the Northern Hemisphere, nothing seems as far away as the cool of winter. These cool logos or cool logo design, carefully crafted to bring thoughts of ice and cold, should be a welcome respite from summer.

1. Cool Earth Logo Design

Cool Earth Logo Design
Nothing sounds better in the heat of summer than reducing global warming, making a cool logo design like this more than welcome. A globe is used here for obvious reasons, with a lower case e encasing it. It appears to be a stream of air flowing around the planet, giving the subtle impression that it is a cooling current. The perfect cooling color? Blue. The lower case lettering combined with the generally round image give a friendly, approachable feeling.

2. Alaska Airlines Logo Design

Alaska Airlines Logo Design
It only stands to reason that an airline named after an arctic state would have a cool logo design that is reminiscent of wintry chill. This one doesn’t disappoint. Again we see a cooling blue, this time in a brighter color that feels more official. Uneven edges offer a sense of realism, while the Alaskan native smiling in the center adds a friendly touch while obviously referencing the name. This logo was designed to look good in print as well as on the tail of an airplane, and it fits the bill well. The writing is black, bold, and official, giving a sense of safety that is very appreciated by people trusting this company with their travel plans and even their lives.

3. Hydra Vodka Water Logo Design

Hydra Vodka Water Logo Design
Imagine the situation: you are out at a favorite night spot in a balmy crowd of people. You want an alcoholic beverage but need something to cool yourself off. Hydra Vodka Water is hoping to serve this niche of thirsty club goers, with a drink that offers the refreshment of water with a kick. The cool logo is modern, as befits a vodka beverage, but refreshing at the same time. Bold uppercase letters pull the eye into the cool logos, with sharp edges and a modern font bringing the logo into this decade. A wave of the writing implies change, that this vodka is a break from more stodgy and less refreshing drinks, while also hinting at the cool and fresh nature of the liquid inside.

4. NHL Winter Classic Logo Design

NHL Winter Classic Logo Design
Finally, we see a color other than blue, albeit as an accent that adds a patriotic feeling to this well-known hockey event. The sign is retro and full of classic charm, with a marquee shape that implies it is a true event. The writing is designed to fit in with this theme. Icicles and gleaming stars give the feeling of a cold winter’s night, with a hockey puck coming out of the image to entice hockey lovers everywhere.

5. Torino Olympics 2006 Logo Design

Torino Olympics 2006 Logo Design
This was not the first Winter Olympics Mascot logo to reference cold and ice, but it just may have been one of the more effective. A steep mountain is created abstractly of white circles that imply inclusiveness and tie into the well known Olympic rings. Lower case lettering emphasizes the friendly feeling while also tying into the ultra-modern feeling of the cool logo. The blue of the image is a little lighter than the well-known Olympic blue, which helps it stand out. While this logo could have been plain and lacked charm, the slight angling of the peak gives it a very recognizable and professional feeling.

6. Klondike Cool Logo Design

Klondike Logo Design
What would you do for a Klondike bar? In the middle of summer heat, people around the nation reach for this brand of ice cream to cool them off, in part due to the well-known logo and tagline. The polar bear mascot and cool, icy blue reference the arctic, while the shape around the bear appears to be part of a seal, implying excellence. The big, almost bubbly letters are clean and formidable at the same time. Graphic artists will appreciate the slight asymmetry of the lettering, with the ‘K’ much longer than the other letters. Sometimes a seeming lack of balance actually creates a better and more recognizable overall product.

7. Iceman Logo Design

Iceman Logo Design
This logo design uses one of the most popular current trends in the field, origami. If you look carefully, the iceman in question appears to be made of folded paper, giving a clean modern feeling and a three-dimensional aspect as well. The lettering is jagged to tie into the icy name while matching the style of the image. There are subtle shadows under the letters that will inspire mixed feelings in many graphic designers, but the overall effect is modern and relevant to the name. A calming blue keeps this logo from being a little too confrontational.

8. Minnesota Ice Logo Design

Minnesota Ice Logo Design
This nonprofit organization chose a name that ties into the well knew cold winter weather of Minnesota as well as the nickname of the drug it is combating. The shape of the state is created from a powdery white that could be the drug or simply ice and enclosed in a small baggie. The jagged and slightly irregular writing also could be interpreted as icy or merely messy. This cool logo is a winner because almost every element in it could be interpreted to refer to either methamphetamine or winter cold, making it very personal indeed.

9. Mint Catering Logo Design

Mint Catering Cool Logo Design
This logo is a good example of thinking outside the box, creating a cooling effect without using a single pixel of the color blue. Mint is a refreshing and cooling flavor that is associated with a popular flavor of ice cream, so it is a great choice both as a name for this company and a color for this logo. The leaves are realistically drawn and feature a few drops of water for a dewy look. The writing is lower case and friendly, hinting at the personality of this small business.

10. Nantucket Ice Cream Logo Design

888 Logo Design
Nantucket is not generally associated with ice cream, but instead with whaling and the ocean. This logo brings both elements together, with a round logo reminiscent of other nautical logos enclosing a whale spouting delicious ice cream cones. While it is not a realistic image, it is certainly a memorable and pleasing one that customers can recognize and identify with.