Top 10 Church Identities

By Mash Bonigala

There’s a good chance you don’t choose your church based on its logo design. Many people make this decision based on denomination, location, and other decisions. However, there is a sizeable number of ‘church hoppers’, people who move from church to church until they find one that feels right. Much of this ‘feel right’ equation is based on the church’s brand, which is conveyed by the church logos. These logo designs are:

1. Harpeth Community Church Logo Design

Harpeth Community Church Logo Design
This church puts a new spin on the traditional Christian cross, with a small green cross shape enclosed in a gray circle in their logo design. Because circles imply inclusiveness, this combined with the rounded lower case lettering creates a friendly and inviting feeling. The green is both organic and alive, which is an excellent impression for a church, while the two shades of gray create a modern feeling.

2. Word of Grace Community Church Logo Design

Word of Grace Community Church Logo Design
This church also tries to foster an image of liveliness and growth with a leafy image. If you look closely, the sprig has three leaves, representing the Holy Trinity. The thin, rounded lettering gives a friendly feeling while being plain enough not to detract from the simple beauty of the image. This logo design suggests a simple church with natural leanings.

3. Harvest Church Logo Design

Harvest Church Logo Design
The logo design here shows that this church will help people on their journey to a better life. A road is shown, which coincidentally looks like several stacked H’s. The sunset at the end of the road suggests a beautiful ending. The orange color is youthful while also relating both to the harvest and the sunset, while the gray adds a more adult side to the image. The lower case writing is friendly, while the use of two different fonts, one round, and one newsy, adds to the sense of balance between opposites.

4. Valley Community Baptist Church Logo Design

Valley Community Baptist Church Logo Design
This logo design combines the strength of the square with the feeling of movement that a wave brings. The square is gently rounded for a more friendly feeling, while the wavy shape is formed into the letter V, tying into the name of the church. Again we see the orange color that implies youthfulness. Instead of using two different fonts, this logo uses the same font in two different sizes and thicknesses, creating an edgy modern look while bringing balance to the image.

5. Oak Hill Logo Design

Oak Hill Logo Design
Again we see the cross enclosed in a circle with a calming green color. However, there are a few key differences. Instead of a highly stylized image, this one is a little rugged and appears hand-drawn. Another commonality with other church logo designs on this list is the use of lower case letters in a rounded font imply friendliness and inclusiveness, while the tagline below shows one of the church’s key values in hand printing. The many apparently handmade aspects of this logo design suggest that the people here really care about the finished product, which in this case is the quality of the spiritual leadership.

6. Christ Church Logo Design

Christ Church Logo Design
This church shows their human side with a cross made of thumbprints, complete with splatters. The deep blue is calming, suggesting a serene and non-stressful experience. Again we see two different thicknesses of writing and a rounded, friendly font. The tagline of this logo design is above the name, giving the promise of ‘more to life’ marquee treatment that shows how central this principle is to the church’s brand.

7. Access Church Logo Design

Access Church Logo Design
This church has an extremely nontraditional logo design, which suggests a very nontraditional structure. The layered squares hint at tradition, but this message is softened by the rounded corners. The arrow is a symbol of a movement that suggests a congregation that is open to change and new ideas. The red color grabs attention while implying a need for urgency, while the taupe and black areas business-like as can be. The writing is extremely thin but still visible due to the high contrast of white on black. This logo is very modern and similar to that of a luxury hotel or other upscale business.

8. Northgate Free Methodist Church Logo Design

Northgate Free Methodist Church Logo Design
This logo design is very similar to a Web 2.0 logo, with rounded lower case letters and bright colors. The letters are friendly and informal, suggesting a less traditional church experience. The layered shapes suggest a multilayered and complex experience. The bright colors are modern and bright, which also implies certain things about the church. If a church wants to project a modern, friendly image, a logo like this will definitely promote their desired brand.

9. Northstar Church Logo Design

Northstar Church Logo Design
The North Star is the light that guides sailors in the correct direction, so this is an appropriate basis both for the name and the logo design of this church. The star in the image does not just tie into the name; it also suggests excellence. The top of the star is separated from the rest of the image so that it points up, which gives the impression that this church will help people grow and move onward and upward. The yellow adds to this impression because it is such a positive and happy color.

10. Times Square Church Logo Design

Times Square Church Logo Design
This logo is interesting because it incorporates the name into a shape, obviously the layered squares in the central image. This creates a substantial image that is befitting a church in the center of one of the country’s most famous locations. The writing is plain and entirely upper case, adding to the strength of the logo design. As with many churches, a mixture of thick and thin writing is used to show balance. This is an attractive yet curiously nonreligious logo for a church located in an area known for less than religious behavior.
As you can see, there are a variety of ways to brand a church. Each of these churches has a logo design that is an ideal representative of the type of religious experience that they are offering. If your business needs a quality logo and brand, contact a professional logo designer today.