Top 10 Biotechnology Logos


Biotechnology may be big business, but it is one with little public support. Few people realize that many of their favorite products and most needed medications are a direct result of biotechnology companies and the research that they perform. Here are a few logo designs that do a great job of selling biotechnology for the innovative and extremely necessary field that it is.

As you can see from our examples, there are a few details that create a good biotechnology logo design. First, bright colors are often a good choice because they help to make this relatively misunderstood field seem a little friendlier. Second, fonts are used to balance the tone of the images, whether it is to add a serious, straightforward touch or a little bit of approachability. Last, images are important to communicate exactly what the company in question does. The average American will have only a foggy idea of what bioplastic research entails; the job of the logo design is to make this a little clearer. In addition, there are numerous fields of biotechnology, and a great logo design can help to differentiate a company from the many others in the field. We are all visual creatures, so a biotechnology logo design can quite literally speak a thousand words about the organization that it represents.

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