Top 10 Beverage Logos

Mash Bonigala

Drink Up! The Top Ten Beverage Logos and Why You Have Them in Your Refrigerator Right Now

What’s in your glass right now? If you are like many Americans, it is one of the sodas on our top ten logo list. These beverages are well-known not just for their great taste, but for their superior branding and corporate food and drinks logo design. These ten are clear winners not just for their high quality flavors, but for their high quality images.

1. Sunkist

Sunkist Beverage Drink Logo Design
The corporate logo design chosen by Sunkist is representative of the company and the image they are trying to portray. The background of the logo is orange, which is tied into the orange color and flavor of the soda. The name of the company is surrounded by blue waves, a refreshing image. The waves at the top wrap into a circle, which ties into the sun in the name of the beverage.

2. 7-Up

7-Up Beverage Drink Logo Design
This much loved lemon-lime soda has one of the most unchanged and recognizable soft drink logos in the world. It features the name in yellow, a bright color that is also the color of a lemon, and green, a calming, organic color that represents the lime, with a red dot between the numeral seven and the word ‘up’. This dot is meant to represent a bubble, but it is put in an eye catching red color that adds brightness to the overall corporate logo design.

3. Pepsi Cola

Pepsi Cola Beverage Drink Logo Design
This logo is a winner because it incorporates so many symbols into one simple logo. First, it is a circle, which is both an inclusive shape and also one that is suggestive of carbonation and bubbles. Second, the logo is red, white, and blue, which is appropriate as Pepsi considers itself an all-American beverage. Last, there is a wave-like shape through the circle, which suggests water, a refreshing image that is likely to be attractive to someone who is picking out a beverage.

4. Coca Cola

Coca Cola Beverage Drink Logo Design
This classic soft drink company has perhaps the most recognizable corporate logo design in the world. The logo is currently the company name written in their classic font, in a deep red that has traditionally been associated with the cola flavor. The scrolling letters may not be the most original logo, but they are so recognizable that this company would be foolish to change them now. With billions of people buying into this logo and the product it represents, Coca Cola has a clear winner.

5. Monster Energy

Monster Energy Beverage Drink Logo Design
This energy drink does an excellent job of setting itself apart from your average soft drink. First, the energy drink logo design has a large ‘M’ that is drawn to appear to be claw marks from the monster that the name refers to. The black background is edgy and stylish, while the bright green accents are in an energetic, neon color. The name is written in white in a distinctive font that has come to be associated with the drink company.

6. Stewart’s Fountain Drinks

Stewart’s Fountain Drinks Beverage Drink Logo Design
Stewart’s is trying to be and look different from other soft drink companies by focusing on classic flavors and high quality. The logo portrays this with a vintage font and the classic icon of a root beer mug. The colors of burnt sienna and white are retro enough to give the logo some kitsch, making this a highly effective logo for this soft drink company. Read a recent article we wrote about A Nation on a Beer Budget.

7. Gatorade

Gatorade Beverage Drink Logo Design
This classic sports drink has moved into the twenty-first century with a recognizable logo that attracts both major athletes and amateurs alike. The corporate logo design features the product name in its classic, recognizable font, written in a refreshing green that is reminiscent of grass and greenery. In the background is a bold orange lightning bolt, which is a common symbol of quick bursts of energy. The message is that the role of sports logos drink both refreshes and energizes those who choose it, which is exactly what a sports drink company would want people to believe.

8. Mountain Dew

Mountain Dew Beverage Drink Logo Design
This soft drink, known for its extremely high caffeine content, has decided to make its energizing potential part of its corporate logo design. The name is fitted into a lightning bolt shape, similar to that seen in the logo of rival Gatorade. It is a refreshing green with red accents, adding to the energizing effect. This logo is similar to that of many sports and energy drinks, but it manages to be different by using the lightning bolt as a central figure instead of an accent. Check out the top 10 coffee shop logos.

9. Jones Soda Co.

Jones Soda Co. Beverage Drink Logo Design
This soft drink company began as a small, Seattle-based beverage that enjoyed much local renown, but wasn’t known outside the area. That, however, has changed. Jones Soda is known for their unusual flavors that are nonetheless simple, bold, and strikingly authentic. The corporate logo design matches the soda, written in a simple, bold font in black with no graphics whatsoever. Jones knows they can afford to use their logo to put the emphasis on their product.

10. Sierra Mist

Sierra Mist Beverage Drink Logo Design
Sierra Mist is a popular lemon-lime soda beverage that is similar to Sprite and 7-Up. However, its marketing and corporate logo design is very different. The logo features the name written in a fresh green font, with a color suggestive of nature and the outdoors. The word ‘mist’ is written in blurred letters that seem misty, suggesting the very word they spell. This logo design is different from other soft drink logos but still very effective for prospective customers look for a cool, different beverage.

Some companies make the list because they follow all of the rules of corporate logo design. Others are memorable logo icons simply because they break the rules. Regardless of the drink, be it ordinary beverages or premium whisky, what is important is that a logo be both appropriate for that drink and memorable enough to be recognized by a large number of people. In the end, a great logo can be the boost a drink needs to climb its way to popularity and develop the customer loyalty it needs.

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