Tokyo Fixed Gear Bike Logo Design

By Mash Bonigala

Tokyo Fixed Gear Bike Logo Design in the Heart of London – All over the UK, people are talking about London Fashion Week. However, in some circles the talk is about a very different fad: fixed gear bicycles. This trend has been gaining momentum, but enthusiasts had a hard time finding the products that they needed in traditional bicycle stores. However, this has all changed in just one month. People who are interested in getting one of these uber-trendy bikes now have a Soho boutique in which to find one: Tokyo Fixed Gear.

The Fixed Gear Bike logo design for a boutique such as this has to walk a fine line between fashionable and technologically savvy. In this case, the Fixed Gear Bike logo design is successful. There is no colour palette more chic than black and white, while the ultra-modern writing is certainly stylish. The ‘K’ in Tokyo and the ‘X’ in Fixed both are created so that subtle arrow shapes are created, giving a feeling of movement and direction that certainly is complimentary to a bicycling brand. The use of round circles instead of normally oval ‘O’s is relevant to bicycles as well. In all, the Fixed Gear Bike logo design is very simple and stylish, but relevant to its product and its audience.

One important part of the brand is the wide range of products catering to this niche market present in the store. People who visit Tokyo Fixed Gear can find everything a fixed gear bicycle lover could dream of and little else. In addition to fixed gear frames and parts from the most popular makers in the field, the store offers a variety of cycling clothing from a wide range of up and coming brands and well recognized standards alike. Little extras like cycling magazines and books are available on site as well. The staff are fixed gear bicycle enthusiasts and available to offer help to people who are new to this white hot trend.

Another key part of the Tokyo Fixed Gear brand is the distinctly upscale, boutique set-up of the store. It is rather like a museum of fixed gear bicycling, with the decorations directly related to the field. Not only is a wide array of relevant merchandise offered, it is organized so that the store is easy to navigate and products are easy to locate with minimal staff assistance. This is rare in bicycle stores and therefore likely to appeal to this market.

The Tokyo Fixed Gear store opened to much fanfare, with enthusiasts visiting the location and gathering outside to discuss their hobby. In fact, during busy parts of the day one could see fixed gear bikes parked several deep, attesting to the buying power of this previously underestimated consumer base. It is easy to see this Soho store becoming a gathering place for fixed gear bicyclists from all over London and the UK. This brand will certainly help the company find success in this niche field and make it a go-to company for interested consumers. This just shows the power of branding and marketing to niche audiences. Never underestimate the impact of a professionally crafted brand.