To slogan or not to slogan


One of the questions, many start-up business owners ask is whether they need a slogan and what it should be. As a logo designer, I am asked this question a lot of times.

A slogan or tag line is a phrase coupled with your logo design that enhances your brand image. Its purpose is to inform the audience of either what the company does or what the company philosophy is. It is not mandatory to have a slogan. You should only have a slogan if your company name is not descriptive and does not give an indication of what your services are about.

Over the years, large companies have started to come up with slogans that are quite witty and sometimes puzzling. They use the slogan as part of the brand strategy. This is not always possible with small businesses. The primary focus of a small business starting out is to, first of all, is to get the message of the company out. They should create clarity about their brand and after promoting their brand successfully for a while can then start experimenting with slogans.

At the end of the day, the business owner is the best person to come up with the slogan. There is no point in spending a lot of money, initially, on slogan creation. Write the benefits of your service or product and then try and see if you can convert one of them into a slogan.

A slogan should be to be to the point and not too wordy. A wordy slogan will tend to crowd up the logo design and make it difficult to promote the brand. Use simple words. Do not go for abstraction. Do not use technical jargon.

Effective use of Slogans

Using a slogan is a very good way of adding to the message that a logo tries to give out. Slogans and taglines have always been around. But the current trend seems to that they are included or closely integrated into the logo design it self.
Take a look at some of the examples below:

To integrate a slogan or a tagline into a logo design, you will first have to understand the need for the slogan. Is it the kind that catches your attention? Is it a line that describes what your business does? Does it enhance your logo and make the message easier to grasp?

When clients have taglines or slogans and want them integrated into the logo design, our logo designer analyzes the pros and cons of such an integration and advice the client if is appropriate to do so. Simple attaching the tag line to a logo design with out thinking through would lead to a messy looking logo.

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