To-do List Website Review


Those of us who are list-makers often wish there was a handy way to access our lists from anywhere. Oh sure, there are numerous apps, but who wants to get out their phone every time they need to remember a grocery list? ToSimplyDo makes it easy to access your to-do list from a smartphone, computer, or any online device. However, we’re not giving awards for great ideas as you would for an award winning logo design; what we like about this website is its design.

The landing page is simply a sign-up page, and this may be the website’s major fault. You cannot look at or read about the services before signing up for them. However, we took a chance and opened an account. The mechanism is rather easy: you create a list and then can access it and mark items off from any device with online access. There is no spam, no complication; just your list. The whole site is as simple as the homepage suggests.

Website Reviewed:

The website has a cool gray background with simple sketches of checkmarks and other list-related images in a slightly lighter shade of gray. Wording is in bright colors, which helps it to stand out against the gray background. This brings us to another major omission: a logo design and a brand. There is no brand, no links to social networks, and nowhere to interact with the brand. In short, this website is a design success and a branding failure.

However, the name suggests simplicity and the website definitely delivers. It is incredibly fast-loading and highly functional, which lives up to its promise. We hope to see a little more of those all-important business details as the website evolves.

Creativity: 3 stars. The site is not overtly creative, although the images are fun and relevant. The lack of a logo design and a brand were major and even potentially fatal flaws in our opinion.

Ease of use: 5 stars. In fact, we can’t think of a website that is easier to use. You just make your list and check items off as they are completed—doesn’t get easier than that. We actually like the lack of frills—in fact, any website with ‘simple’ in the name should be like this.

Functionality: 2 stars. People need to know what they are signing up for before they actually do so. We took a chance, but many won’t. In addition, there is a conspicuous lack of Facebook, a blog, or anything else to give this website credibility. Credibility is essential in a world where spammers abound and many are reluctant to hand out their email address for no reason.

Content: 5 stars. The content is well-written and error-free, although there is very little of it.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. The images and the gray “chalkboard” background are very appropriate for this simple, easy to use website.

Overall: 4.0 out of 5 stars. There are only a few issues, but they are glaring and may actually prevent the website from taking off.