Tips for a Logo with Lasting Impact


A logo is not meant to be an ordinary image. It has to stand out and be a visual reference for a business company. Once a logo becomes familiar in the consciousness of people, especially your target market, the branding and marketing campaigns of a company will become easier.

While the dynamics of a successful logo depends on various factors and cannot be determined by a simple formula, there are basic guidelines which can help a logo convey the right perception about a brand. The following elements should be a prime consideration in a logo:

Scalability and Versatility

A logo should be flexible enough to represent the company in various functions. This means it should be distinguishable – even as a speck in the letterhead of a company or as a design in a corporate mug or souvenir.

To achieve this, a business logo must have scalability. This is the ability of a logo to have a consistent look without any loss of resolution. It means a logo should be identifiable whatever the format it will be printed.

Vectorized logos are infinitely scalable. Compared to using rasterized logos, a vectorized business logo is flexible enough to look good in any medium – whether in TV, newspapers or actual products.

The Value of Color

Color is an important part of logo design. Whether it is in full Technicolor or in black and white, the color of a logo is more than a visual reference. It also has a psychological effect on humans. Color theory, when used and coordinated properly, can induce various emotions in people.

  • Black is meant to inspire authority, power, stability and strength.
  • White is usually associated with purity, cleanliness, peace and neutrality.
  • Red attracts attention, energy, movement and excitement.
  • Blue signifies calming, dependability, wisdom, steadfastness and loyalty.
  • Green evokes virtues of growth, nature, financial health, good luck, fertility and generosity.
  • Yellow indicates laughter, happiness, optimism and metabolism speed.
  • Orange denotes happiness, energy, fun and ambition.
  • Purple symbolizes wealth, royalty, prosperity and sophistication.

The Importance of Vibe in the Selection Process

Sometimes there is no one-way to choose a logo design. It all amounts to vibe and the fit of a particular image for your business. When choosing a logo, pick from at least five designs.

An important consideration is not to rush the selection process. Let it sit for a few days then come back to it for your final decision. In the process, get the feedback of other people. Their inputs may also give you different perspectives for choosing a logo. These people can be family, friends, employees, loyal customers and even business associates.

Think of the selection process as both art and science. It is science in the sense that it must get the fundamental elements right such as scalability and flexibility in formats. It is also art because a logo should evoke and convey emotions, meanings and even messages.

Whatever aspect, whether science or art, a business logo should be memorable. It should not merely blend among other logos. It must be definitive and simple at the same time. When you have made a final decision, double check how trusted parties perceive it.

The Lasting Impact of a Logo

A logo is a big factor in developing and enhancing the brand of a business. It should be carefully chosen because it will represent your products and services to your target market. Hopefully, a logo will become so recognizable that it will stay consistent for years and even for decades to come.

However, it must be understood that a logo is similar to the make-up of a woman. A high quality business will be enhanced because of a beautiful logo. On the other hand, if the business is deplorable to begin with, no logo can save it from negative reviews of people.