Tijuana Flats Website Review


Most people associate things like cactuses and sombreros with Mexican food, but truly good brands go beyond the cliché. Tijuana Flats takes the concept of a Tex-Mex restaurant and turns it on its head. You might recognize some of the food offered here, but the brand is completely unique.

Neon bright colors and scary images that look like they sprung straight out of a comic book or even a horror movie make up the theme of this website.  If this doesn’t get your attention, the company also has a breast cancer foundation called “Just In Queso” that focuses on raising money for research through sales of a bottled hot sauce. The website offers all of the information that a person could need, from job opportunities to catering menus.

Website Reviewed: tijuanaflats.com

Although Tex-Mex food is everywhere, Tijuana Flats has grown into a chain with restaurants in several states due to their unique brand. In fact, this restaurant is a prime example of the concept of differentiation. The website, like the restaurant, is nothing like you would expect. That just might be its greatest advantage.

Creativity: 5 stars. Images of hot sauce and beer can be found, but the real show stealers just might be the comic book horror images that cover the website. Mythological monsters cover the page, as do acidic bright colors. Even if you weren’t expecting spicy food already, you just might be a little nervous now.

Ease of use: 5 stars. The site is made so that you can scroll down to different elements or click on them. The header scrolls down with the user, but it can be a little too jerky and tends to bounce around. Different features allow you to search for a restaurant near you, to peruse different parts of the menu, and generally to experience this brand before you even pull up to the door.

Functionality: 4 stars. The website was clearly built with good intentions, but the bright colors and horrific images combined with the way the header bounces around as you scroll downward can be distracting enough to make a viewer forget what they were doing in the first place.

Content: 4 stars. The text on the website is well written and readable. However, there are no links to web presences like Twitter and Facebook, but not all restaurants have these. While this type of content was not necessary, it would certainly help to build the brand and give people a way to experience the brand outside of the restaurants and the website.

Appropriateness: 5 stars. This website is appropriate for the brand, as the locations, advertising, and other visuals all have similar colors and images. It may seem like a little too much to some, but being “a little too much” is an irreplaceable part of this brand.

Overall: 4.6 stars. This website is youthful, humorous, and even a little spicy. This adds up to a brand that will make people want to experience a Tijuana Flats restaurants for themselves.