Tic Tac and X Factor Join for Company Promotions


Tic Tac and The X Factor may seem like unlikely partners, but they indeed are teaming up to reach young customers in the UK. This is an excellent example of how co-branding can be used to promote brands and market to difficult to reach audiences.

The concept of co-branding is simple. Two separate brands team up for a promotion and work together. Customers see the two names and logo designs together and begin to associate them. If co-branding partners are chosen carefully, this can be a great marketing opportunity for everyone involved.

In this case, people who buy specially marked packages of Tic Tac mints have the chance to win tickets to the highly rated show and its subsequent tour featuring favourites from the show. Two pairs of tickets will be given out every week, with the promotion having begun on September 1st.

A partnership like this is less effective if no one knows about it, but both companies are doing what they can to get word out. In addition to the markings on packages and in store advertisements, outdoor and digital campaigns will be used to promote the contests. Because promoting this partnership is crucial, Tic Tac may spend as much as £5 million dollars this year.

What can both brands gain from this venture? Because Tic Tac is trying to reach young adult and teen audiences, partnering with a television show that is popular with these groups can be an excellent move. Meanwhile, the X Factor is getting additional exposure by associating their name and logo design with a product used by teenagers all over the UK.

People who are fans of one of the brands may very well develop a brand loyalty to the other. Meanwhile, those who enjoy both brands will likely feel even more attached to them.

Although the Tic Tac logo design is very different from that of The X Factor, the companies have been successful in creating attractive advertisements using both visual identities strongly. IN addition to showing both logos, the advertisements use the recognizable Tic Tac green and the burgundy from The X Factor set against a neutral, pale gray background with shapes relevant to the show.

Co-branding is an easy strategy to incorporate into your overall marketing. First, you must find a brand that is not a competitor, but nonetheless shares core brand values and a similar target market. Second, you must work out a promotion in which both brands will benefit. This could be co-sponsoring a local event or another, similar campaign. Third, you should work together to make sure that both brands are well represented in the campaign. This can be a complicated move, but one with a high chance of success for everyone involved.

Of course, no marketing campaign will be successful if you don’t already have a brand and a logo design that is appropriate for your company. If you need help completing this crucial first step to success, contact a logo designer today.