Thinking Inside the Box

By Mash Bonigala

If you ever surf the television channels when you are bored, you have probably run into the Sit-Up Channels, which include Price Drop TV, Bid TV, Speed Auction TV and more. There are also websites that sell for the brand. The basic premise is that the channels sell through auctions, specially formatted auctions in which the price drops rather than grows. It is an interesting business model, which until now had a very uninteresting brand.

Sit-Up Channels had a UK logo design that was not entirely bad in itself. It featured the name of the company in friendly rounded lower case letters, in a sunny yellow colour that was eye-catching and very positive. The ‘I’ had a blue dot below it that turned the letter into an exclamation point. Each of the daughter brands had its own, very different logo design. These came with a variety of fonts, colours and images that, while interesting on their own, did not refer to each other or the parent brand in any way. This is a good example of a logo design win and branding fail. There really is no central brand here, just a conglomerate of different side ventures.

Sit-Up Channels has recently changed their name and redesigned almost every aesthetic aspect of their business, and their subsidiaries, to form a cohesive and more modern brand. Let’s face it: a little update was sorely needed. The brand and the logo had changed little in the more than eleven years since the business began.

The new logo shows the new name, Bid Shopping, in rounded lower case letters, similar to the old logo design. However, the lettering is in black and has a pointier, more official feeling, which is more appropriate for a parent brand. Beside the wording are four squares, which represent the four subsidiaries of the Bid Shopping brand. These squares are in bright, modern colours that will appeal to the modern customer.

Each of the smaller brands has a new logo design as well: a three dimensional cube in one of the colours from the parent brand, with the name written in white and in the same font as the Bid Shopping logo. This clearly ties the companies to their parent brand while giving them a distinct presence of their own. Moreover, the Bid Shopping logo is clearly the Mother Logo. There is no confusion about that. While the square is not generally a friendly shape, it (and the cube as well) are ones that we associate with televisions because until recently, this was the basic shape of the technology.

In other words: Branding win, UK logo design win. If you are running several UK businesses under the same brand ‘umbrella’, it is important to have a feeling of continuity as well as a well-defined corporate brand. These channels and the websites that go with them are now tied together in the minds of the UK public. This is not just an example of a better logo design; it is an example of a better logo design that is the foundation for a better brand.