The UK’s Most Viewed Logo?


What logos do you see most throughout your day? How do you think these constant sightings impact your life? While marketing works best when it is subtle, there is no denying that certain logos tend to permeate our lives. Whether you are reaching for a Kleenex or checking messages on your iPhone, you likely think in terms of brand more than you realize.

If you are like many people in the UK, the logo you see most often is that of search engine giant Google. This colourful yet relatively plain text-based logo design is the first thing that appears on almost half of computer screens across the UK when they are turned on. Over half of Brits used Google as a spell checker and an astounding 52 per cent claimed to perform Google searches between ten and twenty times per day. One fourth have the Google bar installed on their internet browser, ensuring almost constant exposure to the brand and its logo design.

While Google is winning the search engine wars, a far smaller majority considered it the most seen logo. Only a little more than a third of UK residents cited the Google logo as the one they saw most on a daily basis, although this still placed the search engine company well above any other company.

What other logos are pervading life in the UK? Microsoft came in second place with fifteen per cent, while Facebook had eleven per cent. Apple, which has made itself ubiquitous with the iPhone and iPod, was the most seen logo for just a paltry nine per cent of people.

This leads to some interesting speculations for those interested in logo design. First, the top three logos were simple, text only designs with simple fonts. Apple has an image in their logo, but it is a relatively simple one. None of these logos had any of the frills that seem to be seen on so many modern logo designs. This suggests that less truly is more in logo design.

Second, the top four companies were all technology related, as were seven of the top ten (if you don’t count television as a technology!). There was a time when Tesco or Coca Cola might have been the top choices. Now, Coca Cola is number four with just eight per cent, and there are no food related brands on the list at all… unless you count Blackberry.

Television obviously is an important part of life in the UK. The BBC and Sky occupied positions six and eight respectively. Sony, which makes a variety of products from video game systems to televisions, sat sandwiched between the two at number eight.

We must be a society increasingly on the go as well.  People who use their Blackberry to Twitter are seeing numbers nine and ten on our list simultaneously.

Understanding which logos are most seen is important because it helps us to see what images are resonating in the UK market. If you want a logo design that people will be happy to see on a daily basis, contact a logo designer today.