The Super Bowl Gets a New Look


Viewed in millions of homes throughout the United States, the Super Bowl is hands-down the most popular American sporting event. It is also a major marketing event, not just for the teams involved but for the brands that pay millions for a few seconds of air time between plays. Many people watch the game simply for the commercials, which get more humorous and more expensive every year. However, there was another major marketing and branding effort going on behind the scenes of that all-important game a few weeks ago: a new sporting logo design.

This new Super Bowl logo is important because, unlike the previous logos, it is relatively permanent. While previous Super Bowls each had their own distinct designs related specifically to the site and the teams involved, this logo will be used in future Super Bowls with only the number and a few regional details changed. This makes it a more important sports logo design than any in the past.

The new logo design eschews color, instead using a shiny chrome color against a stark black background. This gives the image high contrast while allowing it to represent any combination of team colors without a conflict of interest. Further, the shape has been carefully crafted to represent several different concepts and images in the game. The football and stadium are obvious symbols of the game, but the design has also been created so that the two different sides are subtly angled, representing two teams coming together and ‘butting heads’. Further, the space behind the pillar holding the football has been drawn to resemble a goal post.

One of the most notable and most discussed elements is that this is the first Super Bowl logo to be monochromatic, which some people have criticized for its stark and formal feeling. However, this lack of color will allow it high versatility, which is important considering that it will be used for several consecutive seasons. The shiny chrome is also relevant to the primarily male audience, as chrome is a major part of muscle cars and other well-known cultural symbols of masculinity. The new logo design is detailed and relevant to the game but flexible and attractive as well. It’s a great choice for an event with this much clout and popular appeal.

Also, if the Super Bowl organization decides to bow to the crowd and introduce color, this logo will work well in a variety of hues.

Whatever the type of sporting organization you represent, sports logo design is more important than ever. With so many teams and events adopting professional images to represent them, no one wants to be the one with the less-than-professional logo. Your logo design says important things about your organization and tells the crowd what to expect. Further, a logo design can give your team—whether it is a sports team or a sales team—something to rally around and use as a symbol of your brand. It’s a source of internal pride as well as an external brand.