The New, All Natural Romania Logo Design


Where are you going on your next holiday? If the nation of Romania has its way, you’ll be stopping by to experience this little known tourist destination.

With Romanian tourism at a low—and it was never that high to begin with—the nation has created a new logo design and strapline to show people why they should visit this nation. This new marketing package was officially unveiled during a Europa League football match.

The name is written in a thick font that appears hand painted, giving a friendly, artisan image. Below, the strapline is in smaller, lower case lettering, furthering the friendly feeling. Although a leafy green dominates the colour palette, a few splashes of blue and gold are included. The green ties into the country’s strapline—“Explore the Carpathian Garden!” and the lush forests for which the area is known, while the blue and gold represent the sunny sky and blue waters that Romania wants visitors to associate with their nation. A leaf further drives home this point.

Destination branding is a hot field right now. Many countries, cities, and even smaller attractions are developing logo designs and brands that ‘sell’ them to potential visitors.

Is Romania turning over a new economic leaf with this logo? Reviving tourism requires more than a brand and a logo design, although these are both essential to the process. While a logo may lure some visitors to the nation, word of mouth is just as important. It is crucial that people returning from Romania come back with stories of comfortable accommodations, great food, interesting sights, and a unique culture. While Romania has an interesting culture and past, these won’t make up for poor accommodations and a lack of amenities. Because of this, the nation is also investing in infrastructure, including restoring some of Romania’s beautiful architecture.

This is the third attempt by this country to create a brand that will appeal to tourists. However, it is already meeting challenges. Soon after the logo design was unveiled, Romanian bloggers discovered that a transportation company in the UK has a similar logo. The Romanian government is currently investigating whether the logo was plagiarized and has halted payment until they can determine the originality. While there is little chance that viewers would confuse the nation of Romania with a transportation company, the tourist board wants an international copyright and cannot obtain one on a less than original creation.

Romania is obviously rebranding, investing in new infrastructure and a new visual identity that points out the nation’s positive aspects. While this is a difficult process, made more so by a minor scandal regarding the originality of the design, it nonetheless will be worth the ‘growing pains’. When your brand no longer resonates with your target audience (or, as in this case, if it never resonated with them), then it is time for a much needed change! Consult a logo designer today and see what kind of brand and logo design can represent you best to your nation and the world.